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Article: What to Wear On a First Date? - Best First Causal Date Outfits For Men

What a Man Should Wear On Their First Date? - A Modern Man's Guide

What to Wear On a First Date? - Best First Causal Date Outfits For Men

First dates are totally nerve-wracking because even the toughest guys' hearts melt and become anxious when it comes to impressing their lady on this day! Many questions sweep the mind - especially what to wear on a first date. Not just first date outfits for men, even Valentine's Day outfit ideas for first dates are a puzzle.

So here is our style guide on what to wear on first date. Right from casual date night outfits men wish to wear to a casual first date outfit that a woman would want her men to wear, here is a total rundown.

1. Casual First Date Outfits

Never underestimate the word 'casual' when it comes to a date! And to look prim and proper even in a casual outfit, here are your best options to go for:

Button-up Shirts With Jeans

Button-up shirts with jeans

This an ideal first date outfit for men for a day affair. For a casual look wear a checked or striped button-up shirt over a plain T-shirt and keep the buttons open. Or if you are wearing it like a buttoned shirt, then wear a textured one.

Keep the top button open for a casual look. Pair the shirt with darker jeans or chinos and loafers. You can even throw a hat in, even if the Sun is too bright.

Hoodie Shirts With Chinos

Hoodie Shirts with Chinos

When it comes to casual date night outfits men prefer to wear something that can keep them slightly more stylish. And there comes the Hoodie Shirts with Jeans combination. Depending on your style, and weather, pick up a hoodie shirt - match it up with your casual shoes and style it up with jeans in contrast.

Still Confused? What to wear as a casual outfit on your first date?

Check this guide - Smart Casual Dress Code For Men

Polo T-shirts With Shorts

Polo t-shirts with shorts

This first date outfit for men can pass off both as a day as well as an evening attire, especially if the weather is warm or you are on a destination like a beach side. Also valentine's day outfit ideas with this combination work great because you would look different from the crowd. Thrown is a cool hat and a pair of tassel loafers, and you are ready to rock your first date!

2. First Dinner Date Outfits

When it comes to what to wear on first date at supper, then we suggest the following as the top choices which will make you look confident and stylish.

Choose Dark Color Tuxedo Suits

Tuxedo Suits For First Date Outfits

These come as a perfect first date outfit for men when the dinner setting is a formal one at some elite restaurant. A dark colored tuxedo suit with a plain solid shirt complementing the attire and Oxford shoes adding to the charm, will rock your evening besides the love of your beauty. 

White Dress Shirts With A Tailored Blazer

Blazer for first date outfit

When you have little time to decide, then a white dress shirt and a tailored blazer teamed up with formal pants or dark jeans do a great trick as casual date night outfits men can easily slip into at even the last minute. 

Sweatshirts with Chinos

Sweatshirts with chinos for date outfit

These look ideal with a light colored sweatshirts teamed with a dark colored Chinos or vice versa. Don't forget to wear sneakers or loafers either matching the sweatshirt or in a classic color, but in suede leather.

3. First Valentine’s Day Date Outfit 

This day is like once in a lifetime for many men. And butterflies in the stomach are thus bound to happen, when you decide what to wear on a first date on Valentine's Day. Ease out without expert tips below:

Go with Black Outfits

Black Outfits for first date

If you are not into the color of the day Red, then stay with black outfits - like a black shirt and jeans or casual black suits with plain solid shirts or for that matter a nice polo T-shirt with black chinos. Black is always in style plus gives you scope to mix and match not just outfit combinations but also the shoes.

Slay it with a Red Shades Outfits

Red First Date Outfits

If you are a man of color, then shades of red or pink especially as the blazer would be a great idea. A simple cotton blazer in red or maroon over a suitable T-shirt or shirt and dark jeans or chinos below with derby shoes / monk strap shoes or hazel loafers will be a great overall outfit.

Things to Keep in Mind While Dressing For The First Date

Every special day has its do's and don'ts. So here are some extra tips: 

1. Pay Attention To Details

Small-small things like a day setting or night, casual or formal outdoors; the color choice of your beau; the weather outside etc. go a long way in deciding the outfit. So pay attention to these things as explained in detail above already.

2. Choose Appropriate Accessories

Men's Accessories For First Date

A slim belt, sunglasses if the setting is sunny and outdoors, a hat to give you that ultra cool on and so forth, pick up men's accessories that compliment your first date outfit for men. 

3. Use a Subtle Cologne

Use a fragrance that is subtle, never overdo the cologne as some women are allergic to strong smells. Since it's your first date, play it safe when it comes to a fragrance.

4. Choose Proper Shoes As Per The Outfit

Men's Shoes For First Date

Means pick loafers for jeans and chinos and formal shoes for suits or formal trousers and so on and so forth. The whole idea is to compliment your outfit, yet not overdo the same. If you are wearing sneakers, avoid neon colors.

Whether it is a first date outfit for men or valentine's day outfit ideas for men, what will actually woo your lady is your genuine smile, your genuine self and above all your confidence in how you approach her. So, all the best for your first date!


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