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Article: Smart Casual Dress Code for Men: How To Look Effortlessly Cool?

Smart Casual Dress Code for Men: How To Look Effortlessly Cool?

Smart Casual Dress Code for Men: How To Look Effortlessly Cool?

What is a smart casual dress code for men? It simply means that you look dapper and extraordinary in an outfit for men, which must be well-fitting, less formal yet can pass off well even as a business casual dress code for men or a business professional style. So what all must you have in your wardrobe? How to style them up? These are more shall be answered in this article.


There are certain men's outfit clothes that form the smart casual dress code for men and also can be enhanced as the business casual dress code for men. Let's discuss these, one by one.

1. Casual Shirts 

Casual Shirts For Men

When it comes to the casual dress code for men, then casual shirts find the top rank. While checkered shirts add printed shirts that come under the casual style, the striped shirts are smart casuals. So whether it is a smart casual dress code for men, with striped shirts or others, these can make you look extraordinary when you pair them up with jeans, chinos, casual trousers as well as shorts.

2. Sweatshirts

Men's Casual Sweatshirts

Easygoing sweatshirts can be worn with any relaxed bottom as well as any kind of sportswear. Just ensure a smart cut, a snug fit, and print or color as per the event you walk into. Just put your creative mind into action, and you can jazz up any kind of event with a sweatshirt.

3. Denim or Jeans

Denim Jeans Casual Outfit For Men

Pieces of Denim have been the backbone of the smart casual dress code for men, since the 1950s. All the more because you can tone them up with casual shirts and blazers, or tone them down with printed floral shirts, t-shirts and more! For a polished appearance you can use monotone, straight-leg, dark-wash collections of jeans, while for a more casual look, you can wear an acid-washed one or a distressed one too. Check our jeans corner for more.

4. Printed Shorts

Printed Shorts For Men

What is smart casual dress code? The one that doesn't give you that office feeling, but also passes off without being flashy as a perfect casual dress code for men. And men's printed shorts paired with plain casual shirts or t-shirts with loafers would make you look fantastic at any casual occasion like a beach party or a bachelors' night out and more.

5. Casual Suits

Casual Suits Outfit

In simple words, a casual suit comprises two separate pieces that can be worn together or autonomously and still look smart. Relaxed suit outfits are not difficult to dominate and are ideal for a savvy easygoing office clothing regulation, an evening feast out or even any other event where you need to dress shrewd but without looking formal. You can wear a Polo T-shirt or even a casual smart shirt with casual suits.

6. Casual Blazers

Casual Blazers For Men

Events with a business casual dress code for men always demand casual blazers that can be either checkered or with stripes or even plain. These Casual Blazers can just be cotton blazers, or linen blazers and even wool-blend or rayon-blend blazers if the weather demands. But if you are at a party, you can always experiment with printed blazers as a casual dress code for men.

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7. Chino Pants

Casual Chino Pants

Chinos are superb to shake things up every now and then. A similar upper outfit worn with chinos rather than your formal pants will immediately change your general appearance. Men's chinos pants are comfortable and stylish, as these assist you in accomplishing a savvy smart casual look.

Chinos are ideally suited for events with a business casual dress code for men, particularly the shrewd, yet relaxed and business easygoing styles. So, put your resources into the right cut in exemplary shadings, for example, khaki, naval blue and beige which are not difficult to coordinate.

 8. Casual Shoes

Men's Casual Shoes

You can pick up a pair of casual shoes depending on whether you are walking into a smart casual dress code for men or a business casual dress code for men. While the former would demand sneakers, loafers, sandals, etc., the latter should ideally be enhanced by Chukka Boots, Bit Loafers, Brogue Boots, and more. 

9.  Accessories 

Casual Accessories For Men

Whether it is a smartwatch or for that matter the one with the watch dial, there is something about a wristwatch that completes any kind of attire. The same applies to a great piece of the belt, like a smart textured or plain vegan belt would add that extra charm to your simple casual attire and transform it into a smart casual dress code for men.

And for that matter even if it is a business casual dress code for men, you must try to accessorize the men's outfit with a wrist watch and suitable belt.

Styling Tips For Men to Make Smart Casual Look Cool & Sober

The foremost tip is never to overdo any kind of outfit. And the other three prominent ones are being shared below:

1. Dress as Per the Occasion

Men Dress as per occasion

Which means for a beach party dress up in printed shirts and shorts and for a cocktail party chinos and smart blazers with shirts would be ideal. If there is a pre-set dress code, follow that.

2. Be Creative and Imaginative

Smart casual sober doesn't mean you stick to plain colors or go high or jazzy prints. Rather it is a mix and match of colors and combinations that lend you confidence along with gathering eyeballs.

3. Always Select a Comfortable Fit

Just because a celeb chooses a certain smart casual attire, don't slip into it unless it embraces you comfortably.

Whatever you wear, whether as per the smart casual dress code for men or the business casual dress code for men. never forget to wear the right kind of shoes and a perfectly confident smile! Follow the above tips and for more queries, you can always write to us. Don't forget to share your own tips as well.

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