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Article: How To Wear Waistcoats? - 10 Styling Ideas For Men

How To Style Waistcoats?

How To Wear Waistcoats? - 10 Styling Ideas For Men

What are the things you need to build a classic wardrobe? Suits always come first to mind while pondering about classics in fashion. But often people forget the power of a waistcoat. From casuals to corporate, waistcoats can be layered up anytime and it has the power to upgrade your outfit to another level. Whether you want to know how to wear waistcoat casually or formally, don’t worry,  we’ve got your back.

10 Waistcoat Styling Tips For Men

So if you want to know how to wear waistcoats that can upgrade your boring cliche outfit from basic to outstanding, this is actually not rocket science and all you need to do is some experiment. Try and try till you get the perfect look, especially when there are millions of ways to style your waistcoat. Here are the waistcoat styling tips for men-

1) Waistcoat with Suits

A waistcoat can be layered over a shirt and can be worn as part of a three-piece suit. To elevate your basic formal look, wear one timeless waistcoat with a variety of outfits. Wear it with a suit to put the least amount of effort. To offer you the most powerful, polished appearance, it should ideally be worn with a tucked-in shirt.

Black Striped Suit
Black Striped Waistcoats

2) Nehru Jacket Waistcoat with Traditional Kurta

Nehru jacket Waistcoat With Kurta

Are you confused if you can wear your waistcoat to traditional functions and ceremonies? The answer is positive. Do not just wear your kurta alone, add another layer to it. Nehru jacket waistcoats are the perfect choice for it. You can add a rose or a pocket square for that extra touch. Be it solid or patterned kurta, Nehru jackets are a great addition to it. It is perfect outfit for attending the wedding you have been excited for and adding some royalty to your appearance.

3) Waistcoat with Chinos or Trousers

Waistcoat With Chinos

Fed up fearing waistcoats formally, then don’t worry, we are here to help you out on how to wear a waistcoat casually. Put on trousers or chinos with a shirt, a matching waistcoat, and loafers. It is a fantastic way to stay at ease all day. Anywhere from a casual meeting to after-work cocktails with friends, this style is great. Here, you can play with bright hues and patterns to stick out more. All in all, you can never go wrong with trousers and waistcoats.

4) Waistcoats with T-Shirts

 Combining a waistcoat with a matching t-shirt can make you look trendy. A full-sleeved t-shirt or turtleneck with a matching waistcoat is the way to do it. Wear it under the waistcoat, they will give a polished look and are perfect for dinner parties. In winter, you can layer it with long trench coats or blazers, as preferred. Add a pocket watch and voila! you are all set to be the fashion icon.

5) Waistcoats with Jeans

Waistcoat and jeans combination is perfect for a smart casual look. It is a perfect blend of formal and casual. Different shades of jeans, shirts, and waistcoats will definitely make you fashionable and is a great option for summer. This is a great way to experiment with your wardrobe and bring variety.

6) Waistcoats with Button-Down Shirts

Waistcoat and shirt combination are evergreen. It is universally agreed that waistcoats are perfect with button-down shirts. Tuck it in, the button-down shirts are a great option for a professional look with a waistcoat over it. Layer it with blazers or waistcoats, button-down shirts won’t let you down. You can play with the patterns and colors as you like. Waistcoat and shirt combination will save you time and make you stay on top of your game.

Gray textured waistcoats
Button down white shirt

7) Hooded Waistcoats

If you are wondering how to wear a waistcoat casually, go for hooded waistcoats. They will keep you comfortable in a urban style. Jeans are great to pair this with. Hooded waistcoats can be worn inside long coats during winter as well. 

8) Waistcoats with Blazers

Waistcoat and blazer are the greatest pair of all time. Pair it with jeans or trousers, this classic look will never disappoint you. You can either wear same patterned or you can go creative by mismatching. Go for this combination to look like a dapper gent.

9) Waistcoat with Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket With Waistcoat

How to wear a waistcoat and never look stale? Layer it with a leather jacket. Not only this will give you ultimate protection from the winter but also will elevate your style to a next level. With that compliments will be flying on your way. You can be creative with the bottoms as well. Jeans are a great choice for this combination and you too can have a biker look. 

10) Wool Tweed Double- Breasted Waistcoats

How to wear a waistcoat and be the best dressed man in the room? Then grab a wool tweed double-breasted waistcoat. Go for a bright color or stay safe with classics, either way it will give you a timeless look. Form Peaky Blinders to Bridgeton, wool tweed waistcoats are for those who crave classics.

tweed wool blend waistcoat

Things To Consider While Choosing Waistcoats

If you are planning to buy a waistcoat for the first time, there are few things that you need to keep in mind to get the best out of it.

1) Fittings

A waistcoat will look perfect with the right fittings. Always focus on the fit. It should be tailored in a way that fits perfect. It should not be too tight or too oversized. Waistcoats are meant to be worn fitted and it is better to keep it that way. High armholes and close fit are ideal to get a clean look.

2) Occasion

The occasion will decide what type of waistcoat you will wear and how. You can style the waistcoat accordingly. You can either be strictly formal or casual with a waistcoat, as the occasion demands.

3) Design and Color  

You would like to get a waistcoat that matches your requirements perfectly. Double breasted wool ones are great for winter whereas simple linen are best for summer. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Waistcoats

Should my waistcoat match my pants?

Not always. If it is strictly formal or instructed, you can match the pants. In other situations, you can be as creative as you want. Matching waistcoat and pants will give you a classic look for sure, but that is only one option out of many when it comes to styling waistcoats.

Can you wear a waistcoat unbuttoned?

Definitely, yes. When you are not required to be formal. You can leave a button or two open. Ideally, it is worn buttoned down. But you can add your own touch to it. In summer evening parties, you can relax with an unbuttoned waistcoat.

Is just a waistcoat OK for a black-tie event?

Yes, but on the condition that it should match the dress code. Black-tie events are strict when it comes to dress code. You should only wear a waistcoat that matches the pants and the tie.

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