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Article: How To Wear Sweatshirt? - 8 Sweatshirt Outfit Ideas For Men

sweatshirt outfit ideas for men

How To Wear Sweatshirt? - 8 Sweatshirt Outfit Ideas For Men

Sweatshirts have been a rage for 100 years now. So, to wear sweatshirt has been in vogue since a very long time and thus the sweatshirt styling tips also evolved a lot with time to suit all. Let’s check out its brief history and fashion trends, before we move to how to style sweatshirts. 

The lightweight cotton material of the original sweat-wicking jerseys, which were first created for American football players in the 1920s, made them feel more comfortable to exercise in than the time's bulky wool jerseys. In the 1950s, Ivy League students made wearing sweatshirts on campus with the name of their school or team proudly displayed over the breast. When hip-hop adopted sportswear in the 1980s, the sweatshirt outfit for guys became an urban fashion! 

Today, it can be found at almost every menswear store that you can imagine. A sweat shirt styling is such that right from streetwear youth, skateboarders and surfers, minimalists, and athleisure-loving guys, it fits all benchmarks. 

What to Wear with Sweatshirts? 

A sweatshirt may be much more than just something to wear when you want to unwind. There is a vast array of colors and varieties to choose from. Sweatshirts may be worn in a variety of ways this season, from layering to wearing alone. This article is the one to read if you want to know how to wear a sweatshirt stylishly. 

1. Sweatshirt with Jeans

sweatshirt and jeans combinations

Sweatshirt and jeans are one of the easiest sweatshirt outfit for guys. This might range from a casual appearance that leans more toward smart casual. You can wear different types of jeans that depends on the kind of sweatshirt .Wearing basic, dark, solid-colored jeans is a better move - like a sharp indigo trousers and a simple crewneck gray sweater to make the appearance polished but still somewhat laid-back. You can complete the look with loafers or sneakers. 


Sweatshirts For Men
Blue Denim Jeans

2. Sweatshirt with Leather Jacket

Sweatshirt with leather jacket

When you are sweatshirt styling for winters, add a leather jacket and a hoodie for a tougher look. You appear more tough wearing leather. Wearing a good, spotless leather jacket elevates the sweatshirt's casualness. You can add leather shoes or loafers to complete the overall look. 

3. Sweatshirt with Overshirt

How to wear sweatshirt with an overshirt is not as tricky a question as what men think. You simply have to pick a well sweatshirt in this case. Now how to style sweatshirt, if the shirt is plain-jane? Simply pick a sweatshirt that can be printed or textured, or checkered. While the vice versa is done when the shirt is not plain-jane.  

Black and White Sweatshirt
White Overshirts For Men

4. Sweatshirt with Chinos

Sweatshirt and chinos combination

Combine a sweatshirt with chinos for a look that can be worn in a variety of ways. A certain way to add a dash of chic laxity to this look is to finish with matching leather sneakers. To appear stylish and feel unstoppable, go with chinos and a sweater.


Black and Cream Sweatshirts for men
Tan Chinos With White Shirts

5. Sweatshirt with Shorts

A sweatshirt and shorts combination is another fantastic spring or summer wardrobe idea. One of the finest go-to ensembles while you're unwinding is a sweatshirt top paired with sweat shorts. They are fantastic apparel items to wear when unwinding and may be worn at home.

Camelot wine sweatshirts
Jade Black Shorts

6. Sweatshirt with Blazers

For a business-casual style, layer a jacket over a top-tee. Put on a white T-shirt first, preferably one that is lengthier than your sweatshirt. Wear your sweater after that. Finally, for a refined finishing touch, layer a jacket over your sweatshirt. If you're looking for a winter outfit to wear to work on a casual Friday, try styling your blazer with sweatshirt.

Bright White Sweatshirt
Jade black tuxedo blazer

7. Sweatshirt with Button-Down Shirt

Wearing a sweatshirt over a button-down shirt is the best layering choice if you want to seem more fashionable, yet a bit formal. Choosing the appropriate color scheme is essential since the shirt's collar will be visible. You may choose complementary colors that go well together or choose a contrasting color to add some flair.

Blue Sweatshirt 
White button-down shirt 

8. Sweatshirts with Suit

Fortunately, as we've often stated, suits go well with a variety of other items. So how to style sweatshirt with a suit? Do not feel constrained by your layering selections. Layering a solid gray, white, navy or live green are best sweatshirt styling tips and combos for a crewneck sweatshirt under your suit jacket which could be in any color or print. It is one of the finest methods to remain warm while maintaining your professional demeanor.

Things to Consider While Combining Sweatshirt With Other Outfits 

Now we come to some ace tips that will make the answer to how to style sweatshirt - more relevant on the trends circuit by upping your fashion quotient. Let's check out these sweatshirt styling ideas:

1. Consider Sweatshirt Neck Style

Sweatshirt outfit for guys look different with various neck styles. For instance, a sweatshirt as an overshirt over a formal shirt will need a round neck, to allow the shirt collar peep out well. On the contrary you can wear a hoodie or a V neck, when you use a blazer or modern shirt as an over-cover layer for sweat shirt styling.  

2. Sweatshirt Color

When you ask us how to wear sweatshirt, we always say pick colors, prints, etc as per your persona. Also as per the overall sweatshirt outfit for guys - like a plain sweatshirt would look great with lined trousers, or a printed sweatshirt will look great with a plain jacket and so on and so forth. 

3. Sweatshirt Material

This is the answer to how to wear sweatshirt in various seasons. Pick a cotton sweatshirt outfit for guys for summer, spring months. Pick thick woolen or flannel ones for autumn and winters. 

4. Fittings

The utmost and final sweatshirt styling tips say that when worn alone, you can wear a loose or close fit, as per the weather. But when styling it with any other garment layer on top of it, keep the sweatshirt a well-fitted affair. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Sweatshirt Outfit Ideas

How to style sweatshirt formally?

There are two ways for sweat shirt styling  as a formal wear - either wear it under a blazer and over trousers; or wear it over a formal shirt and trousers. But in both cases, ensure the sweat shirts are plain solid in color, no fancy prints or embellishments. 

Can sweatshirts be worn casually?

The sweatshirt outfit for guys is ideally casual wear only. You can team this up with jeans, chinos, shorts, lunge pants and more to make it that perfect casual wear.

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