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Article: How to Buy a Suit for Men: The Complete French Crown Guide

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How to Buy a Suit for Men: The Complete French Crown Guide

Regardless of our occupation, all of us are into the business of selling self-charisma. Consistently we set with regards to offering our personas to businesses, clients, presentations, parties, dates and what not. And there's not any more powerful outfit than the suit for men — a piece of clothing that, appropriately cut and styled, gives a man certainty and gives others a certain kind of confidence in the man wearing the suit. Isn’t it? And no wonder when it comes to buying a suit, men can often be seen in jitters!

How to buy a perfect suit for men? Where can I find a suit buying guide? What type of suit should you buy? What to look for when buying a suit? All these and more questions keep lingering in the brain. So, we are listing down some seven points to make your seemingly daunting task, a cakewalk!

7 Tips for How to Buy a Suit for Men

Men's suits are one of the more complicated garments to purchase, and you always have a doubt about the right combination of colors and fittings, so before you stand up and make up your mind to buy it, read these 7 amazing tips for choosing a great men's suit.

1. The Occasion

Since buying a suit means a good amount of money as well as time investment, always foremostly lookout for the occasion that you are buying the assortment for. This is the top tip in our suit buying guide. Ask yourself: Am I buying a suit for a formal event? Or for a casual occasion? Or am I buying it to carry for both? Or am I buying a suit for a wedding or an interview? Such things will help you search online stores accordingly. Also, selecting the occasion will help you not only select the style of your suit but also the accessories that you will need for the same, like the neck-tie, the shoes, etc.

2. The Perfect Fit

A perfect suit for men means a perfectly comfortable fit. This is of utmost importance, when you ask us what to look for when buying a suit. Always measure your torso as well as the legs as per the size chart afresh anytime and everytime you buy a new suit. Different brands and different sizes, plus the human body changes shape time to time. When your piece arrives, try it with all your suit accessories on. Walk around and only when you feel comfortable, settle for the buy. Else exchange for the better fit.

3. The Right Fabric

When purchasing a suit, the texture ought to be a long way from a bit of hindsight, regardless of whether you need something lightweight and breathable or thick and warm. For instance the cotton suits are ideal for any and every wear, even in winters as you can tuck in a sweater inside. But you would need a woollen suit if the occasion is planned outdoors in winters. And may be an overcoat too! The linen suits are ideal for casual events mostly, but the silk or rayon suits are great for weddings, parties and such such events. The Tencel Suits are a midway, and can be taken anywhere anytime. The right fabric is among the most important things to consider before buying a suit.

4. Suitable Colour

Black, brown, greay, navy are formal colours, while the cream, red, blue, olive green etc are a bit casual. On the other hand, when buying a suit, remember that the Indigo, the Maroon, the golden are wedding and party wear. So select a colour that makes you look dapper, but not too flashy. If you are not a suit person, then settle for formal colors or neutral shades that can be worn anywhere, without occasion, season and time restrictions. These will be your best choice for a perfect suit for men.

Check this in-depth guide on: How to select best suit color?

5. Flexible & Timeless Style

Suits are not bought often, so our styling experts always suggest that you buy a flexible and timeless style that can be worn over the years, especially if you are not a very outgoing human and attend selective events only. Moreover, when you ask us how to buy suit, we always suggest keeping the suit timeless which also means that over the period you will have a vast collection and without a thought you can pack a few and fly off for any outdoor event.

6. Single-breasted VS Double-breasted

A single-breasted suit jacket can be worn with its own matching trousers and even with jeans. So it offers multiple options even beyond the suit I have bought. But when it comes to a Double-breasted suit, it actually always calls for a formal pair of trousers, in case you wish to wear it beyond its own trousers. Thus, it serves you fewer options. No wonder the single-breasted suits have taken the world by storm post the 1950's. Thus, this is an important point about what to look for when buying a suit.

7. Buttons type & Cufflinks option

Never ignore the button option when you are buying a suit for men because it adds a lot of significance. For instance:

One-button suits: It’s ideal for formal events because the deeper V means more space to show off your neck-tie and formal shirt.

Two Button Suit: It’s a classic, flexible and timeless style which can be worn at any occasion.

Three Buttons: This must be the last choice, as it usually looks great only on very tall men. And has actually gone outdated these days.

If you are one of those who invest deeply in cufflinks, then your arm length and the suit's cuffs must be ideal enough to help you show off the same!

How to buy a suit or what to Consider before buying a suit - we have listed all the easy yet most essential tips in our suit buying guide that you must follow for picking that perfect suit for men - whether you buy for yourself or as a gift. And if you still have any queries you may always write to us.

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