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Article: 9 Types of Suit Accessories For Men : A Style Guide For Formal & Special Occasions

Types of Suit Accessories For Men

9 Types of Suit Accessories For Men : A Style Guide For Formal & Special Occasions

Why are suit accessories for men needed? How important is it to accessorize an outfit? These and many more questions pick your mind every time you set out to wear or buy a suit. And our answer would always be - if the suit is the cake, the men's formal accessories are its icing with the cherry on the top!

You know the best part about various types of suits accessories is that your suit can remain the same, but by changing its accessories, you will look different each time! Thus here we are listing best suit accessories for men to bring dashing looks in overall outfit.

9 Best Suit Accessories For Men That Compliment Your Looks

Let's explore and deep dive into styling the different suit accessories to enhance the suit outfits.

1. Neckties

Neckties For Men

Whether the regular necktie or a bow tie, a formal suit is incomplete without these men's formal accessories. While you can experiment with prints, patterns, textures and fabric for wedding suit accessories; keep it monotone and simple when out for a formal work meet.

2. Pocket Squares

Pocket Squares For Men

Another of the underestimated suit frills for men are pocket squares. You don't need to coordinate these totally with your tie. Simply ensure that they are not differentiating in tones or prints and your task is finished.

Our style expert says when you are at a formal celebration (like among wedding suit accessories) , a suit is incomplete without a pocket square. Something as straightforward, simple as this can have a colossal effect. But you can avoid pocket squares  as tuxedo accessories, if you wish.

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3. Cufflinks

Cufflinks for Suit Accessories

Most men think about something as little and subtle as cufflinks to not be sufficiently huge. But we strongly disagree; rather as suit accessories for men, cufflinks adds that elegance and boost the vibe of your suit. They likewise make you look more set up particularly assuming you're going to a party with a dress code.

4. Vegan Leather Belts

Vegan Leather Belts For Men

The most significant of all the suit accessories for men, a Vegan Leather Belt is an out and out fundamental thing- never skip it! If you do, that would be a huge fashion blunder. Formal embellishing is about little hints of style and very little about utility. Thus, even if your suit trousers fit you completely, the Vegan Leather Belt is a quintessential thing among men's formal accessories. In short, you need it to complete the look. 

5. Watches

Watches For Men

Whether it is the wedding suit look or for that matter for a general office look, a suit is incomplete without a watch accessories. It gives you that edge of the courageous outgoing men who are out to take on the world and hold the time by its horns to make the most out of it. So don't miss one!

6. Suspenders

Suspenders For Suit Accessories

There are simply two tips when you wish to add suspenders as one of the types of suits accessories for men:

A) Suspenders should be in the same color as your suit
B) These look ideal with a bow tie or bow scarf. Avoid wearing cufflinks and pocket squares when styling suspenders, as it would be too much of accessories. 

Lastly, the suspenders must go from shoulder to waist.

7. Tie Clip

Tie Clips For Men

Though the tie clip is not that an essential one to don, if you do, it adds that extra dollops of charm. Among wedding suit accessories, or to some extent even as tuxedo accessories, the tie clip truly adds a dash of character to your look and a pop of variety as well.

In any case, your look won't be compromised without it. But yes, it is an image of accomplishment , elegance and style. All you need is the right kind of tie clip to match your persona and outfit. Lastly, ensure that the shirt is neatly clipped with the ties, without wrinkles or folds.

8. Shoes

Shoes For Men

Oxfords, Brogues, Single Monks Straps, Two Tones - in short a formal shoes pair that compliments the color of your suit, are the most essential men's formal accessories. When you talk of suit accessories, especially the tuxedo , wedding suit accessories and so on and so cannot, simply cannot compromise on the formal leather shoes.

9. Colorful Socks

Men's Colorful Socks

These days fashion has no bar when it comes to socks for me. Except for a black tie event or a Black tuxedo event where only white and black socks are in; you can experiment well with your socks on formal suits. Wearing contrasting colors with dark formal suits like maroons and navy will add a great look. But if you are not of the experiment kind, the safest idea is to match your socks with your formal shirt.

Tips On How To Style Suit Accessories

Now that we know what are the various types of suit accessories for men, now let's discuss some four essential tips on how to wear suit accessories.

1. Do not over accessorize

This means that don't wear all kinds of men's formal accessories at one go. Go for a look that compliments the styles and confidence with elegance. 

2. Match suit accessories properly

Suit Accessories for Men

Will share this by example that a pair of socks matching the shirt or necktie matching the pocket square is a great idea.

3. Choose accessories as per the occasion

Like tuxedo suits accessories are very different from wedding suit accessories; while the formal are simple, the latter can be flashy. So, read more products, more looks and then decide what looks the best on you. 

4. Keep it simple

Simplicity oozes more handsomeness than a gaudy, flashy look. It also adds to the self-confidence and elegance. 

Do develop your own look. What sort of style and suits accessories for men add charm to you? Retro or mod, pick a course and incline toward it! You don't have to make an extraordinary attempt; all you need to do is pick the right men's formal accessories that suit your persona. Stay with the fundamentals, and you are brilliant.

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