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Article: 14 Men's Summer Outfit Ideas That Never Let You Soaked Up in Sweat

14 Men's Summer Outfit Ideas That Never Let You Soaked Up in Sweat

14 Men's Summer Outfit Ideas That Never Let You Soaked Up in Sweat

Whether you love to wear formal clothes, or whether you are a laid back due who loves a mix-and-match of formal and casual wear, when it comes to summer, the wardrobe always needs an overhaul of summer outfit ideas for men, to lend you that extra oomph whenever you step out.

After all, men's summer clothing ideas are all about flaunting those chiseled bodies and great looks that remained hidden during the fall and winter, isn't it?

Thus, let's help you to stay cool in this crunching summer season.


14 Go-to Best Summer Outfits Ideas To Look Good While Staying Cool

As per our top fashion experts, we are listing the best summer outfits ideas every man should try this season. 

1. Printed Shirts

Summer Printed Shirt

These are the top summer outfit ideas for men. If you are going for formal wear then keep the prints small, but for a casual day/evening out you can surely experiment with bolder and brighter printed shirts.

2. Cotton Blazers

Cotton Blazer For Summers

Among the most dashing men's summer clothing ideas, cotton blazers look amazing when paired with round-neck T-shirts. Keep the colors neutral if the T-shirt is bright or vice versa. These look great at work when worn on formal trousers; and also at parties when paired with jeans. Printed cotton blazers also look great as summer wedding men's outfit ideas.

3. Short-Sleeved Shirts

Short - Sleeved Shirts For Men

Among the always trending men's casual summer outfit ideas, short-sleeved shirts never go out of fashion due to their sheer comfort and the ability to blend as casual or formal wear, depending on what flowers you pair it with. A printed one with shorts makes great party wear, while a plain solid with trousers makes you look dapper at work.

4. Checked Chinos

Checked Chinos to Wear in Summer

These have caught up with the fashion trend of late in the last decade and look great when paired with plain solid shirts or polo neck T-shirts. Team them up with loafers to rock any casual outing.

5. Polo T-Shirts

Polo T-Shirts For Summer

An all-time favorite among summer outfit ideas for men. Brighter colors with lighter lowers (jeans/shirts or chinos) and vice versa look great on men. Team them up with a nice watch and shades...and you are ready to rock the day. Can be even worn to work with semi-formal trousers on any working weekend or look awesome with shorts for a casual day out. 

6. Bold Striped Suits

Bold Striped Suit For Men

Top trending always among the summer wedding men's outfit ideas, the Bold Striped Suits never run out of fashion. Wear them with plain solid shirts in contrast or neutral shades and pair them up with a nice watch along with semi-formal or formal shoes. And you are ready to rock the event. Bold Striped Suits can also be worn to any other party that demands some kind of casualness along with some formal attitude.

7. Denim Shorts

Men wearing denim shorts in summer

Make floral T-shirts or short-sleeved shirts if you are going out for a casual evening, or use neutral or slightly bright shades if you are going for a casual evening with colleagues. And you will surely make heads turn. 

8. Linen Trousers

Always in demand amid the top summer outfit ideas for men, due to their sheer sweat-free nature and look. The comfort these ooze along with cotton shirts is par excellence. Remember to pair these up in contrast.

9. Ripped Jeans

Ripped Jeans For Men

When the mood is ultra-casual and so is the place, never forget to carry some funky T-shirts along with your ripped jeans. The pair of these men's summer clothing ideas will not only enhance the comfort but also the mood, by adding extra oomph to your casual attitude.

10. Waterproof Loafers

Waterproof Loafers in Summer

When you are going for men's casual summer outfit ideas, never forget to keep two-three pairs of best waterproof loafers in your closet. The body demands some splash all the time in summers, so pool parties are natural. These loafers will keep your feet as well as pockets safe, by ensuring no wear and tear, by being near the pool. Plus also give you the ease of slipping out and digging the feet in some water for that soothing summery feel. 

11. Printed Lounge Pants

Printed Lounge Pants Summer Collections

Lounge pants are ultimate in comfort when it comes to men's casual summer outfit ideas. The must-required for a night out with buddies, which become often when days get longer and the body demands rejuvenation. Pair them up with plain T-shirts.

12. Graphic T-Shirts

Graphic T-Shirts For Summers

Among the funky summer outfit ideas for men, these rank at the top due to their ultra-cool looks. Team them up with lounge pants, shorts or denims, and look great at any and every casual outing.

13. Seersucker Suits

Seersucker Suits

To be considered seersucker, a suit's fabric must have a crinkled texture and that too in 100% cotton. Some designers introduce silken/rayon stripes to these suits and these look amazing when paired with plain solid shirts. Perfect wear for casual date meetings and also ideal among summer wedding men's outfit ideas, but in the day. Remember, seersuckers are never used for formal business or evening wear.

14. Without Collar Shirts/ Kurta Shirts

Kurta Style Shirts For Men

These kurta style shirts when paired with jeans or semi-formal pants look great among summer outfit ideas for men. And if these are textured or printed, the same can be amazing summer wedding men's outfit ideas, when the event is in the scorching heat of the day. Pair them up with sandals or loafers, so that you can also burn the dance floor and the ladies hearts alike.

Always remember not to overdo the summer-get up by mixing and matching very bright colors in summers. Men's summer clothing ideas are more about soothing colors that reflect the heat and keep your body cool. Summer outfit ideas for men should always have a pairing that keeps you comfortable through the day/event that you wear it at. And the final tip - Never miss the deodorant!

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