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Article: 10 Types Of Shorts For Men That Every Men Should Try

10 Types Of Shorts For Men That Every Men Should Try

10 Types Of Shorts For Men That Every Men Should Try

The one-piece of clothing that was stereotyped to be worn only in private has now made its place in the modern fashion industry with flying colors. Yes, we are talking about various styles of shorts for men. Unlike before, when wearing shorts in public seemed inappropriate, now dining shorts with a button-down shirt for hot summers is the new norm.

10 Types of Shorts For Men

If you think you know all about different types of shorts for men, then you cannot be more wrong. From tailored shorts to cargo shorts, there is a huge variety present today and the trend is changing day by day.

1. Tennis Shorts

tennis shorts for men

    Designed to provide complete comfort to the tennis players, these types of shorts are usually above the knees allowing maximum freedom for movement. Weighing around 140g, their material is breathable, protecting the wearer from sweat even while they are engrossed in physical activities.

    How to wear it?

    Tennis Shorts usually end up above the knee and are made up of soft material for easy airflow. Wear it around your comfortable waistline during your daily jog or for a sports event you are going to participate in. Match it up with a stretchable t-shirt and you are ready for the game.

    2. Running Shorts

      Mostly ideal for running and some other sports activities, Running Shorts are a very comfortable type of shorts for men. They are now designed in a bit larger than knee-length size and are preferred by men during outings in both summers as well as spring seasons.

      How to wear it?

      Style your running shorts with a t-shirt. Wear the light-colored shirts with the multi-colored or dark shorts for an appealing appearance. Running shorts end at some area below the knee, so you can wear both flats and shoes for a macho look.

      3. Pleated Shorts 

      pleated shorts for men

        One of the old-school styles in the world of men’s shorts outfits, Pleated Shorts are the ones that you can actually wear to a fancy location and still fit in. The presence of pleats makes them look classy and vintage, whether you are walking or sitting down. 

        How to wear it? 

        You can easily carry a look with pleated shorts by twinning it with a polo shirt or a crew-neck t-shirt. Complete the look with a stylish trainer in similar shades to your shirt’s color and you have the polish getup with casual vibes hatched out.

        4. Swim Shorts

        swim shorts for men

          As the name suggests, Swim shorts are the types of shorts for men to wear while taking a swim in any kind of water body. They are very short in length and are made up to feel comfortable in the water for a long time. They also have hydrodynamic properties to prevent impeding the body due to being wet.

          How to wear it?

          Swim Shorts are also known as swim trunks and they are the kind of shorts that are complete on their own. As they are generally used for swims, they can be worn without any other clothing article providing a comfortable swim time for the swimmer. 

          5. Linen Shorts

            One of the most popular types of summer shorts, Linen Shorts is a must-buy if you are going for a vacation this season. Made in lightweight as well as breathable linen fabric, these shorts are matchable with various options of shirts and t-shirts.

            How to wear it?

            Linen Shorts are the most suitable for a casual day out in summer. Coming in varying lengths from super short to below-the-knee styles, they pair well with collared polo shirts or round-neck t-shirts.

            6. Cargo Shorts

            cargo shorts for men

              Designed to be worn during hiking or trekking, Cargo Shorts are made up of Khaki material and have various pockets on both sides. This makes them perfect to keep trekking equipment like a compass, scissors, etc. For a casual setting, Cargo Shorts also come in a more classy style with less flapping pockets.

              How to wear it?

              Among the men's shorts outfits, Cargo Shorts go with different kinds of t-shirts, and classy sneakers. They can also be worn with printed shirts with adorning slogans for grabbing attention.

              7. Bermuda Shorts

              Made in Bermuda as an alternative for slacks for a formal event, Bermuda Shorts have become widespread around the world, especially in tropical regions. Their lightweight material, a combination of various color shades and below-the-knee length makes them a fitting choice for coastal areas.

              How to wear it?

              They are worn in tropical areas in a formal environment with a sports coat or a blazer. Often combined with a tie, Bermuda Shorts are acceptable in both casual and office environments. (for tropical regions).

              8. Printed Shorts

              Printed Shorts for men

                Coming in various print designs such as camouflage and stripes, Printed Shorts used to be very popular among men at one point. But the aversion to horrible prints made them less demanding. Now, they are back in business with cool multi-colored stripes and unique patterns to grab attention.

                How to wear it?

                Printed Shorts go perfectly well with block-colored shirts and t-shirts. Oxford and Polo Shirts with wide collars are the most popular choice of combination. Team it up with sneakers and sunglasses and you are all set to grab the street's attention.

                9. Plaid Shorts

                  Looking for personifying a cool ensemble with little effort? Go for the plaid shorts. Coming in different colors, they also come in chequered patterns with light colors. They are deemed to be the perfect option for picnics and outdoor events taking place during the days.

                  How to wear it?

                  Both Oxford and Polo t-shirts are very suitable with Plaid Shorts. You can also combine them with crew-neck shirts and button-downs for a semi-formal event. Remember to go with a solid color for such occasions.

                  10. Denim Shorts

                  denim shorts for men

                  Denim is the one thing that comes in all kinds of outfit options. Denim shorts are snug and fit like a second layer of your thighs. They come in both fitted and loose styles and can also vary in size. They used to be a popular item during the 70s and 90s, but are not very popular among modern men.

                  How to wear it?

                  Pair your denim shorts with a block color t-shirt to bring the perfect look. Combine it with sports shoes or sneakers for the bold outlook and watch the magic of denim work on the onlookers.

                  Do’s & Don'ts of Shorts

                  Every attire has certain rules whose proper following brings out a perfect look for the wearer. The same is true with different types of shorts for men. What are these rules? Check them out below:

                  1. Do’s

                  1. Always find the types of shorts that are perfect for your body type. 
                  2. Check out the perfect fitting for your upper wear while wearing shorts. Wearing pleated shorts with a printed shirt might not be a good choice.
                  3. Match the right kind of shorts. You can either wear the ones that reach the knee cap or wear the ones that are not even ankle length, they are the best option for shorts.
                  4. Simple is the best kind of fashion style while going with shorts.
                  5. Shorts should be fitted like trousers. This makes them comfortable.

                  2. Don'ts

                  1. Refrain from buying shorts that go below your kneecap. They are not comfortable while sitting down.
                  2. Do not over accessorize them. Shorts are meant to be worn in casual events, so let’s keep it that way.
                  3. Do not go for baggy cargo shorts. They are past the trend and look hideous if overdone.
                  4. Denim shorts are not suitable for men. So refrain from buying them.
                  5. Do not go with flashy styles. Go with the simple ones in light colors.

                  Designed to be worn among high-elite classes, different types of shortshave become a norm in the daily lives of modern men. They look good on all types of body structures and come in varying styles. So, this summer go out with a casual style and pair it up with semi-classy shorts to complete the look. The fashion world is filled with options, go explore them.

                  Frequently Asked Questions About Shorts

                  1. How to wear shorts correctly?

                  The perfect way of wearing a short is to pair them with a t-shirt. Crew-neck t-shirts or polo shirts are the most common types of t-shirts that go exceptionally well with various styles of shorts. Try to avoid wearing shorts in an extremely formal place as they give very much casual vibes.

                  2. What points to consider while buying shorts?

                  Think of the occasion you are buying shorts for. Different type of shorts for men are designed for different occasions and serves various purposes. Like if you are going for a swim, then wearing Pleated Shorts would not be a smart choice.

                  3. What kind of shorts are in style for guys?

                  The most popular styles of shorts for men are the Pleated Shorts and Running Shorts. One is good for semi-formal events whereas the other is perfect for outside activities and physical outings. There are many othertypes of shorts that you can consider for your happy day in summer.

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