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Article: 10 Best Summer Colors Clothes Ideas To Stay Cool & Stylish

10 Best Summer Colors Clothes Ideas To Stay Cool & Stylish

10 Best Summer Colors Clothes Ideas To Stay Cool & Stylish

Colors play a major role during any season on the Earth, but the maximum role is when the Sun beats the pulp out of us! To stay stylish in summer colors clothes, yet be comfortable in the heat? With so many colors and shades across the rainbow, what are the colors to wear in hot weather? Or which best colors for summer clothes would look great on me? 

These and many more puzzles will be solved in the style guide below on what are the best colors to wear in summers and how you can pair these up in various ways. But when in doubt or hurry, cut the guide, just stick to neutral colors in the meantime.

1. Shades of White

White Outfit Summer Color

Whether bright white, pale white, off white or more, white shall always be the top among the best colors for summer clothes. Why because white outfits reflects the maximum heat to give you that ultimate comfort and breathability in the scorching heat. Plus, it is also easy on the eyes of the admirer. And most importantly can be paired with any color under the Sun.

2. Pink

Pink Summer Colors For Men

Shades of pink are no longer considered girlish, rather these compliment as summer colors clothes in both fair and deeper skin tones. Also since these can be paired with both light or darker shades, so you can pick not only a top in Pink but also a bottom!

3. Yellow

Yellow Outfit Summer Color For Men

Shades or yellow are always the most sought after, post white when it comes to picking the best colors to wear in hot weather. Pair it up with deep green, navy or black and it will help you outshine the Sun! But a word of caution for men with light skin tone, you might need some tan to don a bright yellow!

4. Red

Red Summer Color Outfit

Though men try to avoid this color, but when worn with sand hues or light greens, its truly is the amid the colors to wear in summer, but towards the fag end of summer, not the raging one. Word of caution here is that it must go with your skin tone. So pick wisely.

5. Orange

Orange Summer Color Outfit

Orange is the new black, whether it is the best colors for summer clothes or any other. It crept into the fashion world in the millennial years and has only intensified its rage over the time. The best idea is to pair it with Khaki, Sand or such lighter tones to enhance those summer looks for men.

6. Pastel Purple

Pastel Purple Summer Colors For Men

If you wish to be a trendsetter for summer colors clothes, then Pastel Purple is the color that is slowly picking up the rage among men's best colors to wear in hot weather. Can be paired with almost any kind of upper or lower vice versa. Plus is towards the cooler side of the rainbow to keep you looking hot, yet cool through the day/event!

7. Cobalt Blue

Cobalt Blue For Summer


A no fuss, no-complex-styling rules color. Can be worn just like navy and makes you stand out from the crowd, when you style it in a balanced way. Like a cobalt blue t-shirt with black or pastel shade chino shorts or pep up your favorite white jeans with a cobalt blue T-shirt. Simple, yet stylish best colors to wear in hot weather to a date! 

8. Green

Green Outfits For Men in Summers

A color that is closer to the cooler side of the rainbow, since never out of fashion among summer colors clothes. Pair it up with any darker or lighter shade, and it will enhance your looks and comfort like no other. A green T-shirt with sand colored shorts or a green shirt with gray linen suit, the styles can be as many as the stars! 

9. Brown

Brown Outfit Summer Colors

Lighter shades of brown are in compliment with other colors to wear in summer. We suggest brown as the bottom's color; the rest can be thought of as per your own style and as how the shade looks into the mirror on you.

10. Burgundy

Burgundy Summer Color Outfit

Pick this color only if it enhances your skin tone. Wine burgundy is the safest color for men, when it comes to summer colors clothes. And you can select this one for shirts at formal events of evening dates. Avoid it during the day. 

4 Tips to Choose the Best Summer Colors

Selecting a summer color or picking summer colors clothes isn't about selecting just a color, but about assembling the entire outfit around that very color. So here is a quick style guide:

1. Know the Psychology of Colors

Do you know that colors spark emotions? Warm colors closer to red aggravate the mood and colors closer to blue on the spectrum keep the mind cool. So decide your summer colors clothes as per the event also, like you might need warm colors to spark the mood on a business meet, but calm colors on a date. Also, warm colors have a slimming effect, so plus size men can find some added joys here.

2. Avoid Colors Close to Your Skin Tone

Light skin toned men must wear darker clothes and vice versa. This is just to enhance your natural body colors as well as looks. The whole idea is to not just pick colors to wear in summer, but to give you those charming looks with the best colors for summer clothes. Pick a color which enhances your skin tone.

3. Do Not Wear Same Color Outfit, Bring Contrast

Always follow the contrast rule for the upper and bottom, like a green loose shirt with sand brown shorts, or a white T-shirt with blue jeans or for that matter a pink shirt inside a gray formal suit. Never the same color for the entire summer colors clothes outfit. 

4. Select Proper Color of Accessories

Accessories for Men

These should also either be in contrast or in complementing colors. Like pink is among the best colors to wear in hot weather. So with a pink shirt in a gray suit, wear a pink pocket square but a deep gray necktie. And silver cufflinks would look ideal. 

Just remember that colors are not only a fashion statement but also a mood elevator. Thus, on the final day pick the summer colors clothes that help you elevate the mood of that very day. It gives the much needed confidence and charm. 


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