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Article: What Color Shoes to Wear With Your Suits ? - 8 Combinations For Men

Shoes to Wear With Suit

What Color Shoes to Wear With Your Suits ? - 8 Combinations For Men

It may appear straightforward to decide shoes to wear with a suit  and choose the appropriate ones to create a dapper outfit. But, in actuality, there are a tonne of different colors, fashion trends, and dress rules to take into account beyond shoes that go with suits. Your shoes and suit will only be in complete sync when all of these elements are in place. To assist you in choosing the proper suit matching shoes plus more, we've outlined all you need to know, starting with the basics.

What Type of Shoes To Wear With A Suit?

Oxfords, Derby, Monk Straps, Brogues fall in the category of different types of formal shoes to wear with a suit. On the other hand, you can pick loafers, Chelsea boots, and sneakers for a casual look.

Now let's break it down one by one and teach you not just about shoes that go with suits, but also what occasion to perfect it and which socks to up the style quotient.

What Color Shoes To Wear With Suits?

There is always a confusion on how to match color of the shoe with suit color, and which will highly relevant as per the dress code of the occasion. Here are the list of matching shoes with suits that our experts have defined. 

1. Shoes With Navy Blue Suit

A little lighter shade gives you a little more flexibility when choosing shoes. A navy suit always looks fantastic with black shoes. Dark brown shoes are just as suitable if black seems a little too sharp. Black or navy socks would be ideal in this case. Such a combination is quite formal when the shoes are oxfords, brogues like dress shoes, but the same attire becomes a little casual when shoes are loafers. So pick as per the event you have to attend.

Jade black shoes with navy suit
Brown Chelsea Boots to wear with navy blue suit

2. Shoes to Wear with Suit in Black

Black is a very formal color in itself so suit matching shoes is the best option here. Pick them in black, brown, dark brown or two-colored shoes in white and black if it is a tuxedo with white shirt. In case of single shoes, socks must be either the color of the shoes or that of the suit, but incase of two tone shoes in black and white, the latter can be your socks color as well.


3. What Color Shoes to Wear with Grey Suit? 

Shoes to wear with grey suit

Light or dark brown, oxblood shoes, burgundy or black are your go to colors when you pick shoes for gray suits. Pick formal dress shoes in these colors, if you are attending a board meeting or a wedding, but when out at a cocktail party, pick your casual shoes in this combination. Gray socks are a safer bet.

When shopping for a suit for men online, browse through a wide range of stylish and versatile shoe options in shades of light or dark brown, oxblood, burgundy, or black to perfectly complement your gray suit ensemble.

4. Shoes to Wear with Suit in Shades of Brown

Brown suits and shoes combination

Suit matching shoes in color is the best answer here, as long as the hues are varied. To go back to our fundamental principle: the darker the suit, the darker the shoe. Tan shoes might work great if your outfit is light enough. Keep in mind that to avoid a pair of black shoes. Since brown is a very formal color, wear socks in matching hues, avoid casual shoes, unless it's a loafer.

5. Shoes to Wear With Suit When it's Olive Green!

Olive is a color for men who have the courage to break the mold of black, blue and gray classics. The same reflects in their shoes. Deep blues, light browns, red-violet, and camel to mention a few are the shoes that go with suits in Olive, because of its warm undertone.

Pick dress shoes as formal wear or loafers, sneakers as casual wear. You can even attempt two tone shoes with Olive being one of the colors. Again, socks can either match the suit or the shoes in color.

6. What Shoes to Wear With a White Suit?

White Suit and Shoes Combination

Never wear white shoes since that'd be the last ever thing to do. Choose a pair of formal shoes in a neutral color instead, such as brown, black, or navy blue. This will be simple. Pick socks in white color. Also if the occasion is casual, you can pick sneakers matching a casual T-shirt inside your white suit.

7. Shoes to Wear With a Tan Suit

Tan Suit and Shoes Combinations

Tan doesn't give you great options to experiment in terms of shoes' color. So suit matching shoes is the only option; stick to light brown shoes here whether you go for formal events or casual. Derby's and Loafers are your go to picks with socks in similar shades.

But yes, we would not hide from sharing the fact that the millennial generation is wearing bright sneakers in color of the T-shirts they wear, under tan suits. So you can try those first in the mirror and if it suits you, then at any casual occasion.

8. Shoes to Wear With A Beige Suit

Shoes to wear with beige suit

Shoes in shades of brown are always the perfect choice  for suits in beige or cream. Although it is timeless enough for formal occasions, it is the perfect appearance for summer. Opt for oxfords or brogues for a timeless, refined style of shoes that go with suits in Beige color. For a more casual look, use suedes and loafers. Socks can be either beige or brown, both gel well with the overall attire.

It's crucial to explore because color is primarily subjective, much like style in general. But before you break the rules, you must know them, to quote one Seor Pablo Picasso.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shoes To Wear With Suits

What casual shoes can you wear with a suit?

Sneakers and loafers are the best shoes to wear with any kind of suit, provided you replace the formal shirt with a casual T shirt or sweatshirt as per the season.

Can you wear regular shoes with a suit?

Depending on the formality of the occasion, you can wear shoes. As shared above, sneakers and loafers can be your regular shoes with suits in a certain manner, but if you say you can wear your sports shoes or canvas shoes with suits, we would say NO!

 Is it OK to not wear socks with a suit?

The most ideal way to wear a suit without socks is to guarantee a steady, easygoing look throughout your entire outfit. In light of this, make certain to pick dress shoes that are easygoing, like loafers. Stay away from wingtips, oxfords, and other more proper dress shoes.

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