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Article: 10 Types Of Shoes Every Man Should Try With Different Outfits

Type of shoes for men

10 Types Of Shoes Every Man Should Try With Different Outfits

Footwear plays an important role in completing men’s ensembles for any occasion. The first thing most people notice on arrival are the shoes a person is sporting. Having access to different types of shoes for men means you can experiment with the wardrobe. To help you find the right kinds of shoes for various events, we are bringing a list of the best choices.

10 Types of Shoes For Men

Let your footwear of the day take you to amazing places. Enhance your confidence and improve your masculine posture by donning the right shoes for the event. Here are 10 different types of shoes for men for all occasions:

1. Chelsea Boots

Named after the popular area in London, Chelsea shoes rank quite high in the list of types of casual shoes. Ankle length and fitting, these shoes have a roundish toe area. Whether you are wearing faded jeans or sporting leather pants, Chelsea boots would fit right at home with them. Grab long jackets with crew neck t-shirts to get a refined look.

Black Chelsea Boots
Brown Chelsea Boots

2. Chukka Boots

Chukka Boots For Men

They are the perfect example of types of shoes for men which goes with both casual and formal outfits. Sleek, leather-based, and ankle length, Chukka Boots are open lacing in style. Dress up with formal oxford shirts and dress pants or button-down & jeans by finding the perfect boot for yourself.

3. Loafers

Every man should own at least a pair of Loafers. They are borderline slip-on shoes that highlight your ankles to the prime. They do an excellent job of being comfortable and relaxing. Style your loafers with denim blue jeans and trending shirts. Make sure you don’t have any physical activity planned for the day to enjoy some nice feet-flaunting time.

Brown loafer shoes for men

4. Oxford Shoes

With the name itself, it's clear that Oxfords Shoes are the embodiment of elegance and class. They are considered to be the perfect type of men's dress shoes. They are close-laced and come in different colors. With a solid heel and sharp toes, these shoes will go very well with your suits at work. You can also choose them for smart-casual attire as well.

Brown Oxford Shoes For Men
Dark Brown Oxford Shoes

5. Derby Shoes

Another great addition to the list, Derby Shoes is a must-have for people who love formal attire. Derby Shoes are also popular for being comfortable to wear as they don’t feel too snug around the toe edges. You can spend a full day with them without getting foot cramps.

Tan Casual Derby Shoes
Brown Casual Derby Shoes

6. Boat Shoes

Designed to provide a strong grip on slippery boats to sailors, Boat Shoes are a class in themselves. They are stylish, casually fun, and come in many designs. You can try on these types of casual shoes both with or without lace patterns. Go ahead with your raincoat and get Boat Shoes on to avoid accidents in wet weather.

Black Boat Shoes For Men
Grey boat shoes for men

7. Moccasins

Moccasins For Men

Coming in a perfect collaboration of primly formal and classic casual, Moccasins will give your look a rugged edge. They are made of soft leather with short heels. Laces play no part, so their presence will only be for show. You can try on Moccasins with a nice Chino or skin-tight jeans with both tees and button-downs of your choice.

8. Brogues Shoes

In class with Oxford Shoes, Brogue Shoes contain hole perforations in the upper area. They are sleek and shiny, and come with a low heel to complete the formal touch. Among the different types of shoes for men, Brogue Shoes have a slight edge on the sides that gives them an elegant style. Go on and try them with your work or for interview attire, including a jacket to get the complete CEO vibe.

9. Slip-On Shoes

The best option for getting ready and going, Slip-On shoes are of many types. If you are opting for more formal attire, then Loafers would be the smart choice. Whereas for jeans and t-shirts, you can find Slip-Ons with both full and partial foot coverage. They are stylish, comfortable, and ever-ready for you to just slip and go.

Brown Slip-ons Shoes For Men
Grey Slip-Ons Shoes For Men

10. Sneakers Shoes

Sneaker Shoes For Men

They are the types of shoes for men that almost everyone possesses at present. Sneakers are a go-to choice for casual attires. They are rugged, come in different designs and patterns, and have open lacing. Whether you are ready to go with t-shirts and denim or want to go with smart casual shirts and sneakers, both would surely be the smart choice.

Things to Consider Before Buying Shoes For Men

Finding the right shoes for an outfit is always the tricky part. There are many things to consider before choosing from the different types of shoes for men present in the market. From color to size, a single mishap can take your look down like a nosedive. So check out these basic points while shopping for footwear.

1. Measure Your Feet

You may have bought shoes your complete adult life but do you have accurate measurements of your feet? Footwear, especially various types of dress shoes should be a perfect fit to give that touch of elegance and class. Wearing misfit shoes can also lead to you slipping or tripping and thus getting hurt. So, take the right measurements and then shop accordingly.

2. Check the Quality of the Material

Shoes are made of leather, rubber, plastic, etc. Every single one of these materials has different characteristics. Thus, knowing the material you are buying is a necessity. Like, rubber shoes are not a good fit for long-time wear. They start to feel snug and make the feet sweaty on summer days. So, based on the season and occasion, buy the right material.

3. Match With Your Outfit

Shoes are the first thing anyone will notice in your attire, so make sure they match. You can either go ahead by matching the color of the outfit or you can try on options that look good. Based on the event, buy both formal and casual shoes. You may never know what the turn of events would be so be prepared.

4. Choose Color Wisely

Generally, purchasing dark-colored footwear like blue, black, grey, brown, etc. is the smart choice. These are the colors that most people wear, plus the shoes would fit with any attire. If you are preparing for a special event then take every fact into consideration. Along with the outfit, also prepare the accessories beforehand and then decide the shoe's color.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of shoes is good for men?

If you work in an office environment that has a particular dress code, then own a couple of pairs of formal shoes like Brogue or Oxfords. Whereas for your past times, you should go with more casual types. Sneakers are a must-have. They go with almost any attire and are super comfortable.

How should men take care of dress shoes?

Polishing the various types of dress shoes before wearing them is mandatory. This will replenish the shine on the shoe’s surface. Try to keep them stored in a dark and closed cupboard to avoid getting dust in them.

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