Jade Black Subtle Sheen Designer Wool Rich Blazer

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Blazer Length:

( Short Blazers are 1.5 inches shorter than Regular. Long Blazers are 1.5 inches longer than Regular. )

Jade Black Wool blend Waistcoat V812-58, V812-40, V812-48, V812-60, V812-36, V812-42, V812-52, V812-56, V812-50, V812-44, V812-38, V812-46, V812-54

( Pants get more wear and tear than jackets so if you wear your suits on a regular rotation, it is recommended that you have an extra pair of pants for each suits.)

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Steal the limelight at your next festive event donning this jade black designer Blazer from French Crown. Crafted in high-quality wool-rich fabric which is tailored to give a regular fit. Featuring long sleeves design is sure to make you stand out at any function. Pair it with your favorite shirt and monk and a pair of wayfarer to complete the look.

In addition to being constructed from Imported Superior Fabrics, French crown Blazers are built with top quality components and thoughtful construction.

  • Wool Blend: 70% wool and 30% terylene. These Blazers are a great all-around choice. They are breathable, soft, warm, hypoallergenic, easy to clean, moisture wicking and flame resistant. For these reasons and others, you can’t go wrong with a pair of high-quality wool Blend Blazer.
  • Features

Semi Padded shoulder for a formal silhouette

3-button, Single-breasted closure

Notch lapel

Patch Pockets

Half-canvas construction

  • Pattern: textured
  • Limited quantity, Seasonal collection. We change our fashion very frequently. Grab it before it disappears.
  • Medium to Heavy weight fabric. Made for all climates.
Customization is possible in this item. Go through following instructions for customisation.
  • Select any standard size and click on 'add to cart'.
  • In your cart, you will find "Add Customisation/Order Note". Add your customisation instructions in this section.
  • You can ask for any type of Size as well as Pattern customisations.
  • If you want to give any Reference image then mention in note that "you will provide reference image in email within 24 hrs". then drop us an email on contact@frenchcrown.com.
  • There is no extra cost of customization.
  • Customized Products will be shipped within 7 to 10 working days of placing the order.
Delivery Available all over the world.
Delivery Time
- Express delivery in 3 to 7 working Days. - Express delivery in 3 to 7 working Days.

Note: This product is "make to order" product and It will take 7 to 10 extra working days to manufacture and ship it.

“No question Asked” Return Policy

Easy Returns within 60days


When you approach us for return, believe us we will be more than Happy to help you. Because it’s a Great opportunity for us to show you our honesty and transparency, isn’t it? We will also get your feedback to improve our product and services. When you don’t like something, we encourage you to return it. Because when you don’t return it then it is Lose-Lose Situation for both of us. You will lose your money and we will lose your trust, where trust is more precious than money. Rather we advise you to go ahead and ask for refund/exchange. When we give you easy returns, we may lose some money, but it’s totally ok. Because we will earn your precious trust.

Help us to earn more precious thing in our business, which is your trust, not money.

Returning with French crown is even easier than ordering one. You can place Return request online in “My Account” section Or You can email us at contact@frenchcrown.com or call / Whatsapp us at +91 9725025522 and tell us what's going on. We will confirm the Refund/Exchange.

then You need to ship the parcel at  your nearest french crown warehouse and you need to bear return shipping charges.

US warehouse address1 : 7063 Clubview Drive, Bridgeville, PA - 15017, United States.

US warehouse address2 : 293 Whitehead Road, STE 10259, Hamilton, New Jersey 08619, United States.

Canadian warehouse address : Unit 1110, 1275 Richmond road, K2B 8E3, Ottawa ON, Canada.

Australian warehouse address1 : 522 bridge road, para hill west, Adelaide - 5096 , South Australia, Australia

Australian warehouse address2 :Unit 1/ 126 Vernon St, Nundah 4012, Queensland, Australia

UK warehouse address : Unit 2a, 6 Greycaine Road, Watford WD24 7GP, United Kingdom

Indian warehouse address : 3001 AB, 3002 AB, RRTM PHASE 2 (India’s largest textile mall) Canal Road, Opposite Orbit 2, Saroli, Surat, Pincode - 395010, Gujarat, India

Make sure the garment is in good state. Unused, of course. It’s totally ok if you have misplaced the original box and tags. You can even keep the gift which you have received in the parcel, just return the original product, that’s it.


Once we receive the Return shipment, 100% refund will be initiated within 24 hours and you will receive it in your bank account/Credit card within 5 to 7 days (Timing Depends on your local bank). Refund is Possible Only after Parcel is dispatched, delivered and you have already Returned your original garments to any of our warehouse.


Once we Receive the Return shipment, we will dispatch your exchange shipment from our warehouse.

Exchange Your Standard size Garment with custom size Garment: If our standard sizes doesn’t fit you and you want Custom fit garment in exchange, then put your best fit garment with your French crown garment in your return shipment and send it to our indian warehouse address. We will construct your garment from the scratch according to your measurement and deliver it to you in 10 to 15 days. We will save your measurements for your future orders also.

In one order Refund/Exchange is possible for one time Only.


We want to provide every customer a great experience. However, it is not very sustainable for us to offer returns and exchanges for a custom Garment as it is already manufactured according to your specifications and can’t be sold to anyone else. We will gladly replace items if they are defective or damaged. If you discover a manufacturing defect with a product you bought from our store, please send us an email at contact@frenchcrown.com from the email you placed the order with. We also provide Free Alteration for 15 days, starting from the day you received your order.

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