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Article: 11 Best Shoes To Wear With Tuxedos For Men's Dashing Look

11 Best Shoes To Wear With Tuxedos For Men's Dashing Look

11 Best Shoes To Wear With Tuxedos For Men's Dashing Look

Once you’ve selected a stylish, chaste Tuxedo for a formal party or wedding, next your duty becomes to chuck out those perfect pairs of shoes that complete the stylish, elegant, debonair look. Fashion experts say that the best shoes to wear with a tuxedo must ideally be dress shoes. But do you think all dress shoes give you that dashing look? If not, then confusion arises of what shoes to wear with tuxedo? Don’t worry, we have covered this for you in this blog.

11 Best Shoes To Wear With a Tuxedo Suit

Here we have mentioned 11 best shoes to wear with tuxedos to make you outshine at every event. We will showcase that below on how you do that. You should take note of that.

1) Leather Derby Shoes

Leather Derby Shoes For Men

When you ask us what are the best shoes to wear with a tuxedo, the first thing we would suggest is black derby shoes as it is one of the topmost priority in shoes to put on with a tux. Why? Simply because this is one of few styles that will never run out of fashion. Hand-crafted in premium leather, these shoes will help you shine out at every event.

2) Plain Toe Derby Shoes

Plain Toe Derby Shoes For Men

Traditionally, plain toe derby shoes are not considered appropriate footwear to wear with tux. Tuxedos are typically worn with formal dress shoes such as patent leather oxfords or patent leather loafers, which have a more polished and refined look. That being said, fashion is always evolving and there are instances where combining plain toe derby shoes with a tux works very well.

3) Cap-Toe Oxford Shoes

Cap-Toe Oxford Tuxedos Shoes For Men

If you're thinking of going for a classic style, the leather cap-toe oxford is a winner. With a shiny finish, they are a step up from your day-to-day dress shoes, making them the perfect companion for tuxedos. You will experience an easy slip-on style as they have an elastic, lace-up front and come in black and cognac color options. For extra comfort, they are crafted with a cushioned insole.

4) Leather Oxford Shoes

Leather Shoes For Men

When it comes to the best shoes to wear with a tuxedo, Leather oxford shoes comes first in mind because Tuxedos and Oxfords are just made for each other. Oxfords lend you that elegance and style and a dapper appearance that is necessary for any formal gathering.

5) Patent Oxford Shoes

A pair of patent oxford shoes can be a great choice to complete your formal look. If you’re more of a traditionalist type, your best bet would be black patent oxfords. Slip these on with a tuxedo, and you're all set to go. 

6) Oxford Brogue Shoes

Oxford Brogue Shoes For Men

Oxford Brogue shoes can also be a good option to wear with a tuxedo, depending on the style and formality of the tuxedo. Brogue shoes have decorative perforations and detailing, which can add some texture and interest to your outfit.

If you choose to wear oxford brogue shoes with a tuxedo, opt for a pair in a dark color like black or dark brown to keep them more formal. It's also important to ensure that the rest of your outfit is appropriately formal and balanced to avoid looking mismatched or out of place.

7) Wholecut Oxford Shoes

Wholecut Oxford shoes can be an excellent choice to go with a tuxedo. Wholecut Oxfords are a very sleek and minimal style of dress shoe, with a single piece of leather forming the upper of the shoe. This gives them a clean, understated look that can complement the sharp lines and clean-cut appearance of a well-tailored tuxedo.

8) Wingtip Oxford

Wingtip Oxford shoes are a classic and timeless style of dress shoes that are considered very stylish and sophisticated. If you are attending a less formal event, such as a prom or a less formal wedding, and want to add some personal style to your tuxedo, you may choose to go with wingtip Oxford shoes. However, it's important to keep in mind that this look may not be as formal or traditional as the patent leather dress shoes typically worn with a tuxedo.

9) Leather Loafers

Leather loafers, while stylish and versatile, are more casual and better suited for smart-casual or business-casual attire. They are typically worn with dress pants or suits for less formal occasions. If you are attending a formal event and want to stick with traditional dress shoe options, patent leather dress shoes are the most appropriate and commonly worn with tuxedos.

They have a glossy finish that complements the polished look of a tuxedo. However, if you are attending a less formal event and want to experiment with a more unique style, you could consider wearing a velvet tuxedo jacket with slim-fit dress pants and leather loafers in a dark color such as black or burgundy.

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10) Velvet Loafers

Velvet Loafers To Wear With Tuxedo Suit

Velvet loafers can make a stylish addition to a tuxedo outfit. However, whether or not this combination works will depend on the overall style and formality of the occasion. Velvet loafers can add a touch of luxury and personality to a formal outfit, but they may not be appropriate for very traditional or conservative events.

11) Leather Monk-Strap Shoes

Leather Monk Strap Shoes To Wear With Tuxedos

Leather monk-strap shoes can be a stylish option to pair with a tuxedo, particularly for a more modern or unconventional take on formalwear. However, it's important to choose a pair of monk-strap shoes that are appropriately formal and complementary to the tuxedo, rather than too casual or mismatched. Depending on the specific tuxedo style and color, a black or dark brown leather monk-strap shoe can create a sophisticated and elegant look.

Things To Avoid While Choosing Shoes For Tuxedos

  • Always avoid necktie when you pair loafers with tuxedos
  • Don’t go for black shirts with a tuxedo.
  • Avoid any shirt other than one which has a wingtip collar. These are actually tailored for a tuxedo.
  • Try not to choose a double-breasted tuxedo jackets, instead go for a single-button front fastening.

    Whatever you choose from the above shoes to wear with tuxedos, don’t forget to wear a perfect matching wristwatch and your smile with full confidence to complete the overall outfit. Don't forget that men's tuxedo shoes cannot alone make you look well dressed, your inner harmony needs to ooze out!

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