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Article: How To Wear Loafers: Types, Outfits & Occasions For Stylish Men

How To Wear Loafers For Men

How To Wear Loafers: Types, Outfits & Occasions For Stylish Men

Since its creation in Norway in 1930, the traditional loafer has been a staple of menswear. You go through some changes when you've been around for nearly 80 years, as you can certainly understand. The loafer has perfectly understood that update after update, consistently adapting to reflect the times.

With this essential guide on which is the best way to wear loafers for men and when to wear loafers, we're giving the loafer some love today. And with a good reason, because loafers are the most favored slip-on shoe for menswear.

Types of Loafers For Men

Loafers have expanded in variety and creativity over time as designers pushed the limits of casual footwear and combined high-fashion audacity with traditional, cozy style.

Types of Loafers For Men

1. Penny Loafers

The top of the penny loafer is covered with a leather strap with a narrow diamond-shaped slit to store a little coin. According to one account, American preparatory school students created the coin in the 1950s as a statement piece of clothing. Whatever the origin, the look has become legendary in the industry. These are somewhat considered formal wear with chinos, pants, suits, as well as blazers. 

2. Tassel Loafers

According to their definition, tassel loafers are simply lace less shoes with beautiful leather tassels hanging from the vamp. The Alden Shoe Company developed a slip-on design that featured the tassel as an adornment. After testing the design, they released the shoe in 1950, and the tassel loafer quickly became popular.

3. Snaffle Loafers

In 1968, the snaffle loafer, often known as the Gucci Loafer, was released. It could be identified by a golden brass strap that was stretched across the front that resembled a horse's snaffle bit. The typical brown loafer was also made black by Gucci, giving it just the right amount of formality to go with suits.

Best Way To Wear Loafers With Different Outfits 

The loafer may take the place of almost any other footwear in a casual or formal outfit while also bringing a little more dapperness to the ensemble.

1. How To Wear Loafers With Jeans

Loafers With Jeans

With jeans you can wear any kind of loafers. Yes, you heard that right, there is nothing called the best loafers to wear with jeans. The rulebook is effectively thrown out the window in this situation, but our long-term recommendation is to make sure your type of jeans are on the skinny side. Baggy or regular jeans look terrible with loafers. Jeans that are torn, selvedge, or washed are all acceptable. 

2. Loafers With Chinos

Loafers With Chinos

The chinos and loafer outfit is ideal for summer nights and occasions. Men's favorite colors for chinos are typically blue, cream, and khaki. When dressing in summer then choose bright color pants to look stylish, but they do restrict the types of loafers that can be worn. Put away the socks and wear the chinos with a casual or formal shirt or polo shirt and a belt. 

3. Wear With Suits

Loafers With Suit

A suit is usually appropriate with loafers. Just make sure your pants hit at the ankle. Should you wear socks or not  is the most important decision. The query is that. The allure of style is that it's all about breaking the rules, and ultimately, it's all about what you want.

Like pocket squares, socks go well with loafers; don't wear them if you don't. If the temperature and the event permit, take into account the recent trend of wearing no socks. Also, make sure to choose perfect color of your suit and loafers to set the contrast at it's best.

4. Combine Loafers With Shorts

Loafers With Shorts

Last but not least, this is how you must prefer to wear loafers. Why? Just a tiny bit pretentious or preppy. Mid-summer, you're at the golfing or a terrace party, and for some reason, you decide that wearing loafers with shorts is a smart idea. The best part is any kind of shorts will look good with loafers. Even if you want to plan your overall outfit, please wear tailored shorts that end just above the knee, a belt, and a fitted shirt.

5. How To Wear Loafers With Blazer

You are playing in a smart-casual environment here. Blazers - both single and double-breasted, as well as jeans, pants, and chinos, will all look good. Again, the length of the trouser and the color scheme should match. We love to dress it up without going overboard by pairing a fitting t-shirt with a blazer.

6. How To Wear Loafers With Tuxedos

Loafers With Tuxedos

Velvet loafers have been widely accepted as appropriate attire for black tie events. A pair of highly polished black leather loafers will also accomplish the trick if you want to break the rules. Look for a variety of hues and designs. Where applicable, color coordinate. In any case, dress in black, if you are in doubt.

How To Wear Loafers As Per The Occasion 

Now here we come to the question: when to wear loafers? Well, loafers are those shoes which can be practically worn at any occasion. Let's check it out.

1. Smart Casual

Making sure they aren't extremely formal or dressed up is the trick in this situation. That's what suede and breathable, textured loafers will accomplish. Consider more summery colors when choosing loafers for casual attire. The ideal colors for this are powder blue and green.

2. Formal

To keep things more traditional, be sure to choose patent leather loafers in classic hues like black. Choose more textured loafers for a fresh look that will make your shoes pop.

3. Semi-Formal

To create dependable semi-formal outfits, choose timeless hues to go with your go-to dress shirts and trousers. Additionally, loafers go nicely with sharp blazers. However, make sure to stick to the same color scheme for your outfit. 

Frequently Asked Questions-

Is it OK to wear socks with loafers?

Yes, when you wear suits, tuxedos you should ideally be wearing socks. But it depends on the formality of the occasion and also the weather.  

What pants go with loafers?

From formal pants to jeans, from chinos to Jodhpuri pants, the best way to wear loafers is that you can wear any kind of pants.

Can I wear loafers without socks?

Yes, you can wear loafers with socks, like with jeans, when you are in a semi-formal or casual setting. 

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