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Article: 7 Types of Tuxedos Styles and Colors For Men To Wear in 2024

Tuxedo styles and colors for men

7 Types of Tuxedos Styles and Colors For Men To Wear in 2024

Every man, regardless of body structure, height, or color, looks absolutely dashing in a tuxedo. With pristine color and crisp sharpness, a tux brings out the gentleman qualities in a man and makes them look regal and polished.

Among the various types of tuxedo styles, wedding tuxedo styles are one of the most popular ones. This dress code when paired with a fitting fittings vest and tie is the best option for a formal event you might be going to participate in.

7 Tuxedo Jacket Styles For Men

On different occasions, various types of tuxedos are seen in the fashion trends, but the one constant is the tuxedo suit jackets. Being worn with or without a tie, as is highly preferred nowadays, some of the popular tuxedo jacket styles are:

1. Shawl Lapel Tuxedo Suit 

Usually found in a timeless tuxedo jacket or dinner jacket, the shawl lapel is one of the most renowned characteristics of tuxedos & suits with style. The beautiful wrapping of the collar around the overall neck gives it the shawl lapel look and gives a formal identification to the attire. Perfect to be worn with a double-breasted vest, this James Bond famous style is the option you should consider among the wedding tuxedo styles.


The presence of a notch, i.e. where the lapel meets the jacket collar, makes this tuxedo style look absolutely charming at both formal as well as business events. Found in many types of suits and tuxedos, the notch lapel makes the tuxedos look regal as well as gives them a slightly casual look with glamour. They are suitable for business meeting outfits and wedding celebrations.

black notch lapel tuxedo suit


Among the different types of tuxedos, the ones with a peak lapel are the most fitting for highly formal and traditional events. Often found in tailcoats, the peak lapel has made its presence known in suit jackets and tuxedo styles. With a wider neck collar and edgy ends pointing upwards towards the face, they will make you look slimmer and taller on any occasion. 


One of the most flattering kinds of tuxedo styles, the Double-Breasted Tuxedo Suit has two flaps overlapping along with double sets of buttons. These were very common during the 30s gangster era to 80s broker style. Nowadays, these tuxedo suits are more form-fitting, making men look dashing in formals.

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The horizontal and vertical squares of light color on a Checked Tuxedo Suit bring out the professional persona of the wearer. One of the most trending kinds of tuxedo style jackets, they go well for a formal event as well as an official day at work. They give you the CEO vibes and the added vest grabs attention instantly. 


A new trend in the types of tuxedos popular in the market, Printed Tuxedo Suits are the cup of tea for people with unique fashion tastes. Found in various colors and patterns, they are very eye-catching and can be styled in many different ways. Printed Tuxedo Suits give off a casual style with the spice of formal slices for good measure.



Perfectly suitable for people who are looking for a formal tuxedo style with a slight edge, Texture Tuxedo Suits have a unique finish making them stand out separately from other types of tuxedos. The threads of these tuxedo suits make them different from the other ones. The most popular textures are tweed, flannel, etc. that come in a sharp look with a matte finish. 


If you think that a tuxedo comes in only black & white color, then you are highly mistaken. Tuxedos & suits with styles come in different colors and can be worn in many kinds of formal or business events depending upon the preference and the theme of the occasion.


Going to attend a cocktail party or a day event, then go with a white tuxedo with black lapels. The pristine shawl collar and the black buttons amidst the span of white color would be the attention-holder that you need for a happy event. You can twin it with either black or white trousers, both would go perfectly fine.  


Navy Blue Tuxedo

The Navy Blue Tuxedo is by far one of the most gorgeous colors found in the various tuxedo styles. Perfect to be worn with a spread collar or shawl collar, this color brings out the form-fitting cut of the wearer’s structure. They are also very suitable with black cummerbund, pocket square, and tuxedo suit accessories such as wristwatches. 


Red Tuxedo For Men

Red Tuxedos are the type of tuxedos that would look absolutely charming in an evening event of different occasions. This is a best fit tuxedo for prom night . With the combination of black buttons and black lapels, the wearer would be able to bring out the sensual edginess in their attire matching the dark tones of the evening perfectly. Match it with a white shirt underneath to complete the look. 


One of the kinds of tuxedo styles that look very nice with a long tie, Burgundy Tuxedo will make you stand out in the crowd with pride. The unique suit color and pristine shine of the textured suits will bring out your finer points to light. You can also go with a Velvet Burgundy Tuxedo complimenting the smooth tones of the event to perfection.


Black Tuxedo For Men

One of the most original colors for the tuxedos, Black Tuxedos are the perfect wedding tuxedo style. The most common color to be worn in case of a tuxedo event, they look ravishing and suit all kinds of color tones in men perfectly. Compliment the look with a bow tie and cummerbund and you are ready to grab all the attention in the event for the next few hours. 


Made recently famous with the amazing look in “The Kingsman” movie, Orange Tuxedo is an absolute charmer among the different types of tuxedos. With the touch of velvet and black lapel, this tuxedo is the one thing that you would definitely want in your wardrobe. Pair it up with a bow tie and white shirt and you are ready to shine as the protagonist.


Here are some basic details you should know about tuxedo:

  • The material of the tuxedo jacket should be decided based on the weather. Wool is perfect for almost all seasons, but velvet rocks best during winters.
  • Go with the tuxedo style that has fewer buttons at the closure.
  • Choose the kind of tuxedo lapel that compliments your body type.

Going to attend a friend’s wedding or an evening formal event? Then go with a tuxedo and twin it with various kinds of collar shirts to enhance the look. Check out the best fitting style for your body type among the different tuxedo styles and find the color that suits you perfectly. Be ready to make heads turn with your charming look.


Do I need a vest with a tuxedo?

It is not always essential to wear a vest with a tuxedo, but it is the most formal way to do so. Thus, if you are going to attend a highly formal event, then make sure to go with the vest. 

Which type of shirt to wear with a tuxedo?

There are many kinds of shirts you can wear with a tuxedo but white shirts with a shawl lapel are the ones that go with all kinds of tuxedo styles. This color will go with any type of tuxedo jacket and bring out the color handsomely.

What is the difference between a tuxedo suit & dinner jacket suit?

The difference between a tuxedo suit and a dinner jacket suit generally comprises the region they are used for. In the UK, the term ”dinner jacket” is generally used, whereas in the US, tuxedo suits are more popular.

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