12 Black Suit Combinations With Shirts, Tie and Shoes For Men

When it comes to a black suit, men often end up messing up while choosing the best colour combinations. The black suit combinations for men can be challenging but here we have listed some of the best colour combinations of ties and shoes that are often underrated but go well with a black suit. A well-tailored suit in black is a definite way to look stylishly sophisticated. This blog has some of the best black suit combinations whether a formal gathering or your sister’s wedding.

The best part about a black suit is you can wear it at almost every occasion by simply playing with a few color combinations. Like carrying a white shirt will make it the perfect office wear while adding a red tie will give it a funkier look for a night party.

What Color Goes With Black Suit?

Black complements almost everything. But there’s a fine line between combing and making it unpleasant when it comes to a black suit. Black outfits make a person look slimmer, especially black suits. Men are increasingly dressing in black for various occasions, including the workplace, weddings, and that crucial first date.

But for a win-win situation, they got to fuse them with the most enticing color combinations. Now let us have a look at the most suited colors of a shirt that form the best black suit combinations for men.

What Shirt to Wear With Black Suit?

The ultimate wardrobe must for any gentleman is a well-fitted black suit with a collection of shirts for various occasions. Simple but wildly effective colors of a shirt that synthesizes well with a black suit are white, blue, grey, pink, red, and peach. Some of the best black suit and shirt combinations are as follows:

1) Black Suit With White Shirt

Black Suit With White Shirt

A monotone look is a dependable option for countless occasions. Nothing grabs attention like a black suit and a white shirt, whether you're going to the office or a fancy formal event. There's a reason why this pairing is classic and enduring. Remember that black should be the main color and that white should be your accent color. Combine bright white shirt with black suit to have formal look.

2) Black Suit With Blue Shirt

Black Suit With Blue Shirt

While less formal than white, a pale blue shirt is nevertheless stylish and adds a touch of originality to a variety of formal settings. We advise leaving the tie at home if the dress code at your place of business is more liberal. It's time to throw out those outdated fashion conventions and allow black and navy to fuse at last and make everyone aware that it's always a good idea to break the stereotypes.

3) Black Suit With Grey Shirt

Black Suit With Grey Shirt

Pairing a black suit with a white or blue shirt, we are not even halfway there. One outfit that will look fantastic on every skin tone is a black suit and a grey shirt. This outfit is a standard for most men because it is mellowed out and not as stark as a white shirt. For a funkier touch combine a silver shirt with your black suit.

4) Black Suit With Pink Shirt

Every modern man should have a black suit and a hot pink shirt combination in his wardrobe since they make a sophisticated pairing. A certain way to add personality to your wardrobe is to pair a black suit with a pink shirt.

5) Black Suit With Red Shirt

Black Suit With Red Shirt

Pairing a red shirt might be challenging. Since red is such a striking color, combining it properly with a black suit is essential to avoid looking like a letter box! Your wardrobe may benefit greatly from a red shirt. You will have the opportunity to be more experimental while yet remaining classy and sophisticated. 

6) Black Suit With Peach Shirt

We advise you to stick to one shade of peach when wearing a black suit. You'll have a wonderful place to start choosing complimentary ties with this. Lilacs and peaches, gentle blues, black, navy, and, in some circumstances, burgundy, will all look good. Working with young textures and fits will help you polish the black suit and peach shirt combo and keep it from seeming dated.

What Color Tie to Wear With Black Suit?

 When it comes to styling ties with a black suit you either have to consult an expert or just go through the various options already explored by us. Let’s Dive in for the best ties that go with black suit !

1) Black Tie

Black Tie With Black Suit

For a monochromatic style, a black tie can be paired with a black suit and a white shirt. To add some contrast, think about going with a tie that is a really dark shade of grey rather than black. In addition, think of including a colorful pocket square.

While some people might avoid wearing a black suit, white shirt, and black tie because they think it looks "boring," but it does have its attraction. Coordination is basic and straightforward. Additionally, a "black" tie and a "black" suit don't have to be the same shade.

2) Red Tie

In most professional and social occasions, a red tie can be paired with a black suit, and white shirt. Darker reds (like burgundy) are more subdued and more suitable for evening occasions, whereas brighter hues of red tend to come across as bolder ties.

A "power tie" is another name for a red tie. It is said to represent domination and power in the workplace. It's crucial not to take this to heart, even though it's something to keep in mind.

3) Blue Tie

Black Suit With Blue Tie

Blue ties are a common choice for the office because they have a calming and soothing impact. Lighter blue ties, such sky blue, baby blue, and cerulean, are particularly striking on a white shirt and in stark contrast to the black suit. Many people like the subtlety of deeper blue ties since they go well with black suits without standing out too much.

For instance, a navy blue tie would appear almost as understated as a black tie when worn with a black suit and a white shirt. Nevertheless, it creates just enough contrast to be clearly visible.

What Shoes to Wear with Black Suit?

The simplest rule of black suit combination shoes states that a pair of shiny black shoes should always be worn with a black suit. You can choose a pair of black Derby shoes for a somewhat less formal appearance, although whole-cut Oxford shoes are appropriate for formal occasions. A few options worth considering are as follows:

1) Dark Brown Shoes

Black Suit Combination With Brown Shoes

Black suits can be paired with brown shoes, but the color of the brown matters a lot. Black jeans can be worn with brown shoes, but you should be careful about the shoes or even boots you choose to wear. Black pants can be worn with many color shoes and with brown as well, although as mentioned before, the style and color of the shoes make a significant difference.

2) Black Shoes

Black Shoes Combines With Black Suit

If you're going to a formal function, your best and first selection should be black Oxfords. Derbies, monk straps, Chelsea boots, and brogue boots are your next options.

Try loafers if this is still too subdued for you. Although these are undoubtedly inappropriate for a black-tie event, you should still wear a dinner jacket if such is the setting.

3) Burgundy Shoes

The pinnacle of dapper is achieved with a black suit and a burgundy tie. To keep the appearance current, complete your outfit with a pair of black leather oxford shoes. If you want to put together an elegant wardrobe that meets the finest men's fashion standards, a black suit and a burgundy tie are definite essentials.

Frequently Asked Questions About Black Suit Combinations

Do black suits make you look thinner?

According to science, yes wearing black helps you appear thinner. Neuroscientists assert that it has to do with how our eyes perceive color. Fashion is constantly changing, from the rules to the trends, the regulations to the faux pas, but one rule never changes: Black clothing helps you appear thinner.

 Is black suit too formal?

This is a very common question. But one needs to understand that it is not a black suit that makes the look formal but what color of shirt, shoes and ties are paired with it. Yes, one needs to pair wisely while trying to make it look more or less formal. For an office gathering, pair it with a white shirt while for a wedding go for a red, pink or a patterned shirt for an informal touch.