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Article: 12 Chinos And Shirts Combinations For Comfort And Stylish Look

Best Chinos and Shirts Combinations For Men

12 Chinos And Shirts Combinations For Comfort And Stylish Look

A modern man's closet is incomplete without a perfect pair of chinos and shirt combinations to rock the high street style. Summer and spring times call for comfortable yet stylish collections, so there is no better way to include chinos and shirts to add that seasonal overtone to your outfits.

Being both practical and versatile, chinos and shirt combinations can be dressed for office days as well as casual dates or outings. These are the wardrobe essentials that can save you from many “I don’t know what to wear” situations.

12 Stylish Chinos And Shirt Combinations

If you are still in confuse how to select chinos with matching shirts or vice-versa, go through the list below.

1. Green Chinos with Striped Shirts

This is the perfect blend of contemporary and classic styles. The trendy green chinos when complemented with a classic white shirt with blue stripes, make everyone stop and admire your outfit. Be it an outing with friends or a casual date, steal everyone’s attention by wearing dark green chinos with a classic striped shirt and sneakers. There are no rules to fashion, so go ahead, experiment, and make your own!

2. Brown Chinos with Denim Shirts

Brown Chinos With Denim Shirts

Whenever in doubt, go for this combination, it will never disappoint you. Brown chinos and denim shirts are both classy styles that will make you look high fashion without going over the top. It is an easy combination for people who like laid-back styles that are elegant and evergreen. Tan chinos have been very mainstream, and teaming them with a dark blue denim shirt will make the outfit even more appealing.

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3. Olive Green Chinos with White Shirts

Every guy owns at least one white shirt, so don’t just use it for your weekdays. You don’t even need to think about how to wear chinos with shirts, just team it with a pair of olive green chinos and there you have it, a modern casual look! An olive green chinos and white shirt combination is sure to make an impression.

4. Grey Chinos with Black Shirts

Grey chinos are indeed the best bet for the boardroom. When donning with a combination of black shirts it will give both standards as well as classic look. This is suitable for every skin tone and even if you don’t have any idea about fashion and style, then also, you can never go wrong with a black shirt.

5. Tanned Chinos with Dark Blue Shirts

Are you confused about what to wear for your office party? Then we have got you covered. To look glam, without going overboard, there certainly can be no better option than to avail of a tanned pair of chinos with dark blue shirt. Tan chinos have been a lot in fashion, and teaming a dark blue shirt with it will make it look even more alluring.

6. Black Chinos with Red Flannel/Checked Shirts

Red Checked Shirts With Black Chinos

Chinos and flannel shirts are among some of the versatile pieces of clothing and if you are not willing to experiment with boring light colors – pair a red checked shirts  with black chinos to create an elegant look. Complete this look with a pair of monk or loafers shoes.

7. Beige Chinos with Black Shirts

Beige Chinos with Black Shirts

Beige and black have come up to be a universal combination, and there is no better way to look appealing than to go for it. Even if you don’t have any idea about fashion and style, then also, you can never go wrong with a black shirt. Team beige chinos for the perfect balance of colors.

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8. Navy Blue Chinos with Light Blue Shirts

Light Blue Shirts With Navy Blue Chinos

One of the best chinos and shirt combinations, Navy blue chinos and light blue shirt are very popular. No man’s wardrobe is complete without a blue shirt and at least there are a few blue pieces hanging in their wardrobe. Light blue chambray shirts and Navy blue chinos are sporty and casual but their wonderful combination looks classic anywhere, from metro rides to shopping malls. Hence, it is one of the stylish additions you can make to your closet collection.

9. Floral Print Shirts with Grey Chinos

Floral Print Shirts with Grey Chinos

If you’re in a hurry and need to head out quickly, then a floral print shirt and grey chinos seem to be a win-win combination. For a perfect For a perfect shirt and grey pant combination casuals, add white sneakers and you are all set to move out in summer.

10. Plaid Grey Chinos with Long Sleeve Shirt

Plaid Grey Chinos with Long Sleeve Shirt


Are you searching for a relaxed casual outfit? Make a plaid grey chinos and chambray long sleeve shirt your outfit choice – these pieces fit perfectly together. And, when confused about what to wear in shoes to complete your look – team it up with white leather low-top sneakers to change things up a bit.

11. Indigo Shirts with White Chinos

Indigo Shirts With White Chinos

Want to go for something a little less preppy, but still casual and best for the weekend, try out a pair of white chinos. Team it with an Indigo shirt to add texture and detail to your look. Complete your looks by pairing white leather low-top sneakers to change things up a bit.

12. Tan Chinos with White Shirts

Tan Chinos With White Shirts

Tan chino with a white shirt is another classic and stylish chinos and shirt combination. This combination can be dressed up or down and will look excellent on any guy who is willing to take out some time to find pieces that fits him well. You can also keep it simple by pairing a white shirt and sandals. Moreover, it is a style move that will look elegant no matter what color combination it is applied to.

We hope that you will for sure love all the wonderful chinos and shirt combinations for men mentioned above. The most classic of all look chinos with the shirt is perfect for the hangout as well as the official look. Further, you can go for a striped or plain shirt to match perfectly with chinos. 

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