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Article: How to Wear a Flannel Shirts For Men? [11 Outfit Ideas]

How to Wear a Flannel Shirts For Men?

How to Wear a Flannel Shirts For Men? [11 Outfit Ideas]

Nothing says casual and cool quite like a flannel shirt. While the garment is simple, it is also a wardrobe staple that every man wants to own. It all began with the working class and farmers, who favored it for its warmth and affordability. Although the name may give you thoughts of the country, it’s time to think again.

Flannel Shirt outfits are regularly spotted on the streets across the globe. It is a woven fabric with a specific texture, made of wool or cotton.

You must be wondering how to wear a flannel shirts? or how to style a flannel shirts?. Well you will get the answer from our fashion expert who has list down the most-liked flannel shirts outfits.

When to Wear Flannel Shirts?

One can wear Flannel shirts during a casual outing with friends or on special events like a date or weekend parties. There are many times when flannel outfit ideas can come up. They can be worn in all kinds of weather, particularly on hot summer days, as the material is perfectly breathable and helps in absorbing sweat from the body, thus keeping you dry.

11 Ways Of Flannel Shirt Men Can Wear

Flannel shirts allow men to experiment a lot. You can either tuck them in with the pants, leave them out, or keep them unbuttoned, everything depends on the look you are going with. Here are the different ways to wear flannel shirts for guys:

1. Flannel Shirts With Chinos

Flannel Shirts With Chinos

Chinos can go with anything and when combined with a Flannel Shirt, the smart casual look it creates is really charismatic. To get a smart casual look, wear your flannel tucked in with chinos, a black or brown belt, and some suede derby shoes and flaunt your summer outfit.

2. T-Shirt Under Flannel Shirts

T-Shirts Under Flannel Shirts

This look is one of the most popular looks when it comes to flannel outfits in men. Flannel shirts were also made for layering. Wearing a white t-shirt underneath gives you a classic look with contrast that will keep your fresh look alive. You can leave the flannel shirt unbuttoned or wear it by rolling up your sleeves halfway. Pair it with denim and flaunt your cool side in summer.

3. Flannel Shirts with Jeans

Flannel Shirts With Jeans

Flannel Shirt outfits look good with different kinds of pants, but they look best with jeans. You certainly cannot go wrong with denim and flannels.  A flannel shirt with denim jeans is the ultimate go-to casual. So, if you are going on a date, then grab your favorite denim and pair them with a flannel shirt. And be ready to stand out among the crowd with confidence and style.

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4. Flannel Shirts with Jacket

Flannel Shirts With Jackets

The overall look of a flannel shirt is enhanced when teamed with jeans. So, if you want to go for a mysterious edgy look, then pairing your flannel shirt with a bold color jacket will be a perfect idea. Unlike a sweater or hoodie, a jacket gives you additional flexibility while still providing an extra layer of warmth. Pair it with men's chinos or denim and your flannel jacket outfit will get appreciation everywhere.

5. Hoodie Under Flannel Shirts

Hoodie Under Flannel Shirts

For a more kicky and classic look, wear a hoodie under the flannel shirt to get a classy debonair look!  Flaunt your flannel outfit ideas by wearing a sweatshirt or hoodie under it if the flannel is oversized and the colors are complementary. You can team this aesthetic with chino pants or jeans with sneakers, or a nice jogger with tennis shoes. 

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6. Flannel Shirts with Shorts

Flannel Shirts With Shorts

The perfect kind of flannel shirt outfit that various high-class businessmen are wearing prefer in times of summer is wearing a flannel shirt with shorts.  Grab the linen shorts up to knee-length and tuck the shirt under them. For footwear, you can stick with loafers or sneakers in simple colors like black, white, or brown. You can roll the sleeves for a more cool and composed look.

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7. Flannel Shirts with Blazer

Who said that a flannel shirt does not go for a formal event? When paired up with a stylish blazer, the flannel shirt outfit becomes the perfect formal outfit for men. Try on a black, white, or grey-colored flannel shirt and place a smooth blazer of dark color over it. Complete the look with formal pants or khaki pants and grab everyone’s attention in the office.

8. How to Wear a Red Flannel Shirt?

How to wear red flannel shirts

The red flannel shirt is the most popular style and suits almost everyone. While choosing a red flannel, go for the checkered shirts instead of the plain styling. Red checked flannel is easy to wear, versatile, and works best when woven with any primary color like a deep golden yellow, or blue and black. 

9. How to Wear a Black Flannel Shirt?

How to wear black flannel shirts

If you want a timeless style that can look stylish and edgy, you certainly can not go wrong with a black flannel shirt outfit. Similar to the red-checked outfit, a black flannel shirt harkens back to the ’90s and height of grunge style.

Wear your black flannel shirt with a white or grey undershirt, dark-colored skinny tight jeans, or shredded jeans. Pair them up with a vegan leather belt and dark boots, and you are ready with the dark and sensual look that every woman admires.

10. How to Wear a Green Flannel Shirt?

How to wear green flannel shirts

flannel shirts outfits ideas have become popular because you can pull off the lumberjack or country look. If you have a long full beard and are looking for a masculine, rugged style, then go for a green color flannel shirt. Pair your green flannel with black, blue, or darker grey pieces. Team up with your favorite pair of black or blue jeans and a brown lace-up timberlands-like boots for a smart casual look. Make sure to match up your boots with outfits.

11. How to Wear a Flannel Shirt at Work?

Flannel shirts have become a very popular choice among the 9 to 5 working class. By wearing it above a t-shirt or simply teaming up with trousers, men working in open offices, as well as conference rooms, can make their presence stand out in the crowd. Pair them with trousers, pants, khaki, or chino pants, and see the elevation in your style.


We can wear flannel shirts almost anywhere, be it office or any casual parties. Here we have discussed different ways to wear flannel shirts for guys. Comfortable, classy, outgoing, and sensually edgy, flannel shirts can be worn in a variety of styles and events, which explains the reason for their popularity. So, be ready to make an impression among your peers and colleagues by flaunting your flannel shirt outfit.

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