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Article: 9 Different Types Of Shirts and When to Wear Them

types of the shirt for men

9 Different Types Of Shirts and When to Wear Them

The shirt is without a doubt the most essential piece of any man's closet. However, there are many options available in the market, it tends to be a test, picking the ideal men's shirt style to wear for each event. In case you're befuddled with regards to what shirt to wear and when - then learning the simple nuts and bolts about various styles and sorts can be useful in dressing great.

Types of Shirts that Every Man Should Own

To motivate your shopping and outfit thoughts, we've assembled a style guide towards 10 Different Types of Shirts Every Man Should Own in his wardrobe. These shirts for men are popular and agreeable, so ensure you track down an ideal choice for a la-model look!

1. Dress Shirt

The term 'dress shirt' will have various definitions relying upon who you ask, yet in this setting, a plain solid shirt is intended to be worn with dark tie evening wear. It will ordinarily highlight a cutaway collar, French sleeves (collapsed back and requiring sleeve fasteners/ cufflinks), and a tiny bib.

Furthermore, today the dress shirt, sport shirt, and casual shirts have all started looking very similar. So don’t be confused about this. A formal shirt is also known as a dress shirt which can be used for meetings or normal office wear. A formal shirt can be identified by its stiff collar, lustrous fabric, long tails, and single or double cuffs. These are the best shirts for all occasions.

What right type of shirt should I wear to look extraordinary?  That's a simple answer: A formal shirt is perfect with a tuxedo. Elements like the bib to the front and the cutaway collar make it explicitly fit to be worn with an elite evening tuxedo and that is the manner in which it generally ought to be. 

2. Casual Shirt

These types of shirts for men usually feature a spread collar for a breezy, cool-dude kind of relaxed look to go with that name 'casual shirt.' These usually come in light fabrics like cotton or mixed cotton to give you comfort the whole day.

Where to wear them and how to style them? Well, among the different types of shirts for men, these can go with almost anything and everything, except a suit! So you can try them with trousers, chinos, denim and even shorts.

3. Flannel Shirt

Thick, warm, stylish, and great for layering up when the climate begins to chomp. The flannel shirt outfits is an easy going work of art and an unquestionable requirement for your fall/winter revolution. These types of shirts for men are woven from fleece or cotton, the wool texture is delicate and somewhat raised, making it agreeable and extraordinary for protection in colder temperatures.

Flannel shirts can be either plain or printed, which will impact how you wear them. For example, really look at variants, in any case, pants and boots are the conspicuous approaches. This is completely a casual piece of clothing and ought to be styled thusly and can be worn at casual parties and get-togethers.

4. Printed Shirt

Among the different types of shirts for men, these are characterized by patterned or sometimes decorated with an intricate all-over print. And can be teamed with plain trousers and even chinos and shorts.

If you ask us, where to wear them or what type of shirt should I wear to look jazzy? We say go for a printed shirt. Depending on the print, you can wear them both at formal and casual events. For instance, a funky print can be worn at the beaches, while a patterned bright print can be party wear.

5. Denim Shirt

Denim shirt for men

A denim shirt is essentially any shirt cut from similar stuff as your pants. It's powerful, extraordinary for layering, and on the off chance that you go for crude denim, it will take on a rich patina and one-of–a- kind fade as it ages and molds to fit your body.

It's perhaps the most straightforward approach to add a sense of style and fashion to your weekend closet. Ensure that there's a sufficient differentiation among top and base and the denim shirt will ensure that you don't actually turn out badly. Think white pants and a dim blue denim shirt, for instance – two-fold denim done right.

6. Linen Shirt

Linen shirt for men

A linen shirt is an ideal remedy for hot, perspiring summers or sweltering late spring's days. The texture is light, vaporous and breathable while looking sensibly yet savvy.

No wonder, it's a strong alternative for get-away nights or summer weddings and something definitely worth having in your assortment. Linen shirts outfits for men  are best worn marginally loose and can function admirably with shorts or even pants. Yet, it can also be a decent substitute for a formal shirt for summer weddings, but for that ensure that your suit is laid back enough to incorporate a linen shirt. Unstructured styles in light tones will work best.

7. Polo Shirt

Polo shirt

Among the different types of shirts for men, the Polo shirt is a straightforward and immortal garment, which is an ideal option for the conventional Polo T-shirt. With its particular neckline, buttons, and breathable texture, it's a thing you can wear to any event, whether formal or casual.

So if you have a short-sleeved polo shirt, you can team it up with denim pants, or shorts or trousers for summer wear outfit ; while the long-sleeved polo shirt with trousers or denim pants can be your ideal companion for an autumn or winter evening. Throw that casual blazer on one shoulder, for that extra zing to your style.

8. Cuban Collar Shirt

Cuban collar shirt

With an open neckline and short sleeves, Cuban neckline shirts come in numerous special examples and leave a great deal of space for striking innovativeness, while guaranteeing comfort regardless of how hot it is outside. With these shirts, you can undoubtedly accept vintage energies or make it current and stylish with rolled-up sleeves and all-around custom-made pants.

As a fundamental summer staple for any man's closet, these types of shirts for men flaunt your masculine look at anyplace on the planet! Regardless of whether you're searching for the ideal outfit for the housetop party or you need to remain cool and in vogue, while holidaying, the Cuban neckline shirt has you embraced with the right style.



Falling in between a shirt and a jacket, this evergreen fundamental is produced using thick cotton twill and typically includes a button securing and a few fixed pockets to the front. It's a long-term work wear staple and is among the most adaptable articles of clothing in any closet.

How you style your overshirt, which is purely casual attire, will rely generally upon the season. In summer, it's extraordinary for tossing on like a light coat on cooler nights. During the colder months, it turns into a snazzy mid-layer. If you ask us what type of shirt should I wear to look extraordinary even when casual, then we suggest going for an Overshirt, over a roll-neck jumper and crude denim pants, finishing it off with some winter-proof outerwear and tough cowhide boots.

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In the fashion world, there are different types of shirts for men. But pick the one that adds style and comfort to your persona. Be your own judge on what fits you, what suits your body structure, rather than going for something that's in vogue (and might not look great on you). There’s a fine line between fashion and fashion disaster; select your ensemble carefully. You can always write to us for more tips and details. For better discount offers , check french crown coupons on Wethrift.

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