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Article: 7 Designer Blazers Every Man Should Try in a Wedding Season

7 Designer Blazers Every Man Should Try in a Wedding Season

7 Designer Blazers Every Man Should Try in a Wedding Season

The wedding blazer is the most important piece of clothing for any and every man, be it for his own or for that of any friend or relative. Some men have told us that selecting the designer blazer for the wedding is tougher than facing a job interview!

No wonder, how to choose a blazer for a wedding or which type of blazer to wear at the wedding - is always the top question in a man's mind. And we are here to solve the puzzle with our latest collection, which will hug you in the right places and yet not make your wife envy the hugs and style!

7 Outstanding Wedding Designer Blazers For Men

Our best collection of seven will help you pick one that fits your persona and end the query - which type of blazer to wear in the wedding and how to select the blazer?

1. Wool Blend Blazer

Wool Blend Designer Blazer

Gone are the days when sherwanis were the only ethnic wedding look, now are the days of modern-day Bandhgala Mandarin Wool Blend Blazers. Why so, because it gives you both western as well as ethnic touch. Plus jade black is a color that can blend yet shine out in any kind of celebratory setting. Since most of the wedding seasons are either around fall or winter, thus the wool blend will keep you warm, if the festivities run into the night.

2. Fort Art Print Designer Blazer

Fort Art Print Designer Blazer

When it comes to the stylish blazers for men designs for weddings, especially when the protagonist wants to add some ethnic art to it, rather than to his looks, then we recommend something like the ancient Indian fort art print blazer. The fort art on a cream background, not just makes this designer blazer for a wedding, a historic piece in your closet, but will also leave an imprint in the minds of your guests about your impeccable choice.

3. Floral Print Designer Blazer

Floral Art Print Designer Blazer

Though floral prints are always the life of weddings, there is always a chance that you might turn out looking like a bouquet! Thus, we recommend something on the lines of printed flowers with fine tonal embroidery designer blazers - just perfectly done in terms of how a male should shine out from the crowd and yet not look overdone.

4. Jacquard Designer Blazer

Jacquard Designer Blazer

For those who wish to go, Jacquard, when they choose a blazer for a wedding, then you must buy the designer blazer with a rose-patterned design done with metallic-threading which makes it a Jacquard design blazer fit as a wedding outfit. Not only that it is outstanding in its floral looks, but it is also among the best sellers because usually the woman of dreams also loves these colours on their men. The Jacquard design is an added advantage, plus a no-fuss classic design.

5. Bandhgala/ Mandarin Designer Blazer

Bandhgala Mandarin Designer Blazer

When you are not that much into colours and prints and love simplicity that's outstanding, then the Bandhgala/Mandarin design blazer with the cross button style is the safest choice. It makes you look elegant as well as in tune with the festivities, a safe choice, as well as a safe colour as it goes on any kind of formal or Jodhpuri Pants.

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6. Indian Heritage Designer Blazers

Indian Heritage Designer Blazer

Such blazers with Indian heritage designs are for those men who wish to shine out from the crowd always. Whether you are the groom or just the wedding party, this ethnic yet western look will make each eye turn that you pass due to its premium design, quality and a fashion quotient that is always in vogue.

7. Embroidered Designer Blazer

Embroidery Designer Blazer

Embroidery never goes out of fashion, as far as a wedding is concerned. In fact, it also makes you feel proud that an artisan has given love to your fabric by hand. Our collection of embroidery designer blazers for the wedding has quality design work which gives that Oomph to your persona as well as that pride to your heart.

Things To Keep In Mind Before You Choose Blazer For Wedding

Well, now you know all the different designer blazers which you can try in this wedding season. Let’s deep dive into some points to keep in mind while choosing the best blazer for a wedding.

1. Never be a last-minute person

Blazers for Wedding 

Whether you are the groom or his friend, never make the mistake of doing a last-minute designer blazer for wedding shopping. Depending upon your favoured cut, look and feel, it might require as long as 90 days or somewhere closer in case you're making one without any preparation from a designer. Plus the deliveries take time! So keep the margin time.

2. Make a list of your wants

The kind of wedding blazer you pick ought to be as per the service you will brandish it at. For the cocktail, the wedding blazers in dark or blue bode better than a pastel one. For your commitment, you can coordinate with your lady of the hour's clothing.

3. Consider your bride’s opinion

Considering that you will be standing next to her, there is always an upside when you consider your bride's opinion or that of her designer. After all, both of you would to a certain extent look coordinated - the first sign of love these days! A little coordination is always outstanding for you to have the power couple claim, but avoid matching the whole outfit (just a pocket square or any suitable suit accessories matching her attire, or the color theme to some extent is enough).

4. Don’t overdo an outfit

Don't go for outrageous colors or patterns, just because some celebrity has worn them. The color, the patterns, the style must be your persona, especially your complexion and style. So be wise and not a copycat when you choose a blazer for the wedding enhance your overall outfit combinations  - the last but not the least advice on how to select a blazer.

More important than wondering about which type of blazer to wear in the wedding - is wearing your smile, your confidence, your charm and above all, your love for the bride! So select one, accessories it with these must-haves and thank us later!

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