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Article: What to Wear at Wedding? : 10 Wedding Outfits For Men

The Ultimate Guide On Wedding Attires and Dress Codes For Men

What to Wear at Wedding? : 10 Wedding Outfits For Men

Weddings are the most special event in any man's life, be it their own or of their close friend. Thus, it can be a pain to decide on wedding attire for men. What would look great on me? What must be my destination wedding attire? What to wear to a wedding with no dress code? We will help you resolve these queries and nail your wedding dress codes for men via this blog.


Let's discuss all factors that decide what kind of dress to wear to a wedding.


At times there are some typical wedding dress codes for men printed at the invite. We advise you on all one by one.

A. Black Tie Attire

Black Tie Wedding Attire For Men

When the invitation states a black-tie event, always read between the lines. Because for such an invite adhere to the principles: pick a black tuxedo as an ideal attire with black tie and formal shoes. The shirt needs to be white. But the men's suit can be deep brown, black and deep navy blue. According to the suit, the color of the shoes can be deep tan or black.

B. Cocktail Wedding Attire

Cocktail Wedding Outfits For Men

An ideal cocktail wedding attire for men (whether you are the groom or it is a wedding guest men's outfit) means a navy blue or black suit colors or if you wish to have a dashing look, then rose gold tuxedo will do wonders! and with a solid or textured dress shirt, accessorized with a necktie/bowtie, a formal belt and deep tan or black shoes.

C. White Tie Attire

White Tie  Wedding Attire For Men

A white tie is a very tricky dress code but looks great with a tuxedo. The ideal white tie attire is black pants with a matching tuxedo or blazer/jacket or totally black suit and formal shoes. This dress code gives you the liberty to have coats that can have tails that reach the back of the knee. The shirts of course have to be monotone, whether solid plain or textured.

D. Wedding Ethnic Dress Code

Ethnic Wedding Dress Code For Men

When it comes to ethnic code, Indian attire like the Jodhpuri Bandhgala or the Mandarin suits rule the charts. If you want to light and simple, then you should go for men's designer blazers for wedding which gives handsome and sober look. And choose the shoes as per your ethnic outfit. In the case of destination wedding attire, both the groom and the guests can plan in advance as per the location.

E. Casual Wedding Outfit

Casual Wedding Outfit For Men

These are worn to places like a court wedding or a beach wedding or such events which invite a relaxed look. Here Chinos or Jeans paired with formal shirts and blazers look great. Loafers in formal colors or even Oxford shoes give a smart look to the men.

2. Wedding Attire By Season

What kind of dress to wear to a wedding as per the season? Tips towards wedding dress codes for men as per season are as below:

A. Summer Wedding

Pick breathable fabrics like linen, wool-linen blend or for that matter silk/rayon-linen blend; this helps skip the summer heat. Simple dress shirts without neckties, with formal pants, are the safest bet. Lighter colors are always in. Trendy youngsters can also pick cropped suit pants; here skip the socks.

B. Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding Outfit For Men

Black, brown, navy blue, maroon, olive and more are the winter colors that enhance a standard suit. So what adds the zing? The texture and fabric - rich velvets and other thicker fabrics. Keep the dress shirt plain if the suit has this zing or you are wearing a textured jacket - so that this stands out. Also for an add on accessorize your outfit suitable suit accessories. 

C. Spring Wedding

Spring Wedding Men's Outfit

Spring is the season when nature blooms at its best, so always go for pastel shades to suit the mood, whether you go for just formal shirts and pants or formal suits. Light gray, light blue are also the colors for spring. Don't forget to accessorize the outfit with bow ties/neckties, and cufflinks.

ADDITIONAL TIP: Be it any season of the year, in case of a destination wedding attire, always scan the weather forecast and temperature and pick an attire accordingly. For instance, you might need suitable boots, in case a winter wedding shows a steep fall in temperatures!


Now comes the question of what to wear to a wedding with no dress code, but a specific time of the day? Our experts share the tips below:

A. Morning Wedding

Early morning weddings are usually done when something traditional is being planned for the bride and groom. Thus, an ethnic wedding attire would look great for a morning wedding. Again, bright and pastel shades are better, as the event may stretch till the brunch and may be held in the garden outdoors.

B. Daytime Wedding

Daytime Wedding Outfit For Men

Unless there is a dress code, prefer to wear bright yet pastel shades for a daytime wedding, which mark our words will be set up in bright environs. Whether you pair a small dress shirt with jeans or wear a checkered suit, simply avoid the color black in the day, even in the shoes or neck-tie. 

C. Evening Wedding

At evening weddings, the colors matter whether it is formal attire or casual. You can slightly play with colors in shirts and even in your shoes. Can also stick to blacks, grays and browns in the outfits when in suits, where cufflinks add the zing. But if you pick blazers for men, then a pocket square will add the spunk. 

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Things Every Man Should Keep In Mind While Dressing For Wedding

There are always certain additional tips when it comes to wedding attire for men (or wedding guest men's outfit).

1. Concentrate on Good Tailoring & Fittings

Wedding Outfit Fittings

Always ensure that even if an online pick the attire must have an excellent tailoring and comfortable fit. A wedding is a place where a lot of activity is involved including dancing and being married, thus a proper fit will keep you comfortably active and sweat-free too. 

2. Dry Cleaning is Must

Even if you are using freshly bought attire, dry cleaning adds that extra charm to the outfit by making it look spic and span. But always remember to slightly sun-dry the attire after you bring it back from the dry cleaner. There must be no chemical smell in the outfit. 

3.Consider Accessories Carefully

Wedding Accessories For Men

Smart casual shoes will be needed if the attire is smart casual wear. While formal shoes like the Oxfords or Brogues are a must with a formal suit. Neckties, cufflinks look great at a winter wedding but can be uncomfortable, unless a dress code, at a summer wedding. 

Whether you wear perfect wedding attire for men or select the latest destination wedding attire, don't forget to wear a confident smile and a soothing perfume that lasts the day long. 

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