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Article: 12 Special Thanksgiving Clothing Gifts Ideas For Men

Thanksgiving Clothing Gifts For Men

12 Special Thanksgiving Clothing Gifts Ideas For Men

"A grateful heart is always a magnet to miracles."

We at the French Crown have always believed in this saying. Thus, this Thanksgiving we are grateful to you for choosing us and as a payback gesture, we wish to help you choose the best for the men in your life - father, grandfather, spouse, brother, son or the boyfriend - we have a plethora of thanksgiving gift ideas, to make your men smile the widest, from the bottom of their hearts.

Best Thanksgiving Gift For Men in Clothing

We all know that men are from Mars, but they do have eyes and choices in fashion that are often from Venus, when it comes to picking festival gifts for men! So we are here with our list of 12 thanksgiving clothing gifts for men as top rated thanksgiving gifts for men, that would make him feel deeply loved and cared for.

1. Suit Accessories


Suit Accessories For Men

Suit Accessories for men like a necktie with matching pocket square and suitable cufflinks can transform even an ordinary man into a dapper dude, any time of the year! Pick some suit accessories as thanksgiving gifts for him that can match anything, anytime in his suit wardrobe and Voila, you will be his favourite human throughout the year for your thoughtfulness. These are the top festival gifts for men.

2. Slim Fit T-Shirts

Slim Fit T-Shirts For Men

If the men of your gratitude are fit and well built, then slim fit T-shirts would be a great idea as thanksgiving clothing gifts for men, especially if the winter months last short in your region. Come Spring, and he can flaunt his fit body, get encouraging compliments and always remember you for your loving gesture.

3. Oxford Winter Shirts

Oxford Winter Shirts For Men

Among the top thanksgiving gifts for men, Oxford Winter Shirts are the best thanksgiving gift ideas, especially when you are unsure what he would like as a gift. These hands-on smart formal shirts would remind him of you, every time he gets appreciated at an event. But ensure that you buy one as per his colour choice.

4. Wool Blend Blazers

Wool Blended Blazer For Men

The Fall and Winter collection for men must have Wool Blend Blazers, especially in either Olives or Universal, so that he can easily walk out into a meeting or a party without the second thought of being cold back home. Thus, gifting him one from our French Crown Collection would be a great idea, because it is one of the best and fine qualities you will find fitting your bill.

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5. Regular-Fit Jeans

Regular Fit Jeans For Men

Keep him looking fresh and sporty in regular-fit jeans, all through the year. French Crown has a great collection of the same in many colours. Jeans are the safest thanksgiving gifts for him because these go with any kind of T-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts and even blazers. Plus, they last the longest in the well as the protagonist's memories for you!

6. Sweatshirts

SweatShirts For Men

Premium sweatshirts made from winter-shield materials in cool colours are always a great idea to express your gratitude towards the men in your lives. Why sweatshirts? Winter months are holiday time and he can tuck in these and have fun anytime, without a single thought of what to pack.

7. Formal Pants

Formal Pants For Men

When you are not too sure of what do you get a guy for Thanksgiving, then pick up one or two formal pants in his size in shades that would make him look extraordinary at formal events. You can add a pair of socks that can go along if you wish, as an add on. Formal pants are the safest thanksgiving gift ideas because a man can never have enough of them in his closet!

8. Scarf & Gloves Set

Scarf and Gloves Set For Men

Pick up a luxuriously soft and warm Scarf and Gloves set for him, and it would make a wonderful, thoughtful and loving, caring gift on thanksgiving for him, because the Fall and Winter Collection, even matters for men too! All you need to ensure is that you buy a unique, yet universally applicable set that he can carry off even to work as well as to casual gatherings. Ensure that it is a fine quality and these will be the best thanksgiving gifts for him!

9. Woollen Waistcoats

Woolen Waistcoats for Men

These may be a bit down in the list of best thanksgiving gift ideas, but never fail to make a mark as the top festival gifts for men, when it comes to expressing your gratitude with warmth. A thoughtful gift for men, as it would keep them warm, whether they wear an overcoat, a suit or even if they carry, it has a singular piece of clothing in the Fall Months. Waistcoats are an eternal piece of fashion.

10. Customized Face Masks

Facemasks For Men

When you are not too sure of what do you get a guy for Thanksgiving, they are the latest and safest in fashion trends. And if you are a bit aware of his wardrobe and his favorites in that one, then sneak away those few items, match them up with the face mask collections online/ pick customised ones from or get them done to suit his wardrobe...and pack up a neat surprise which he would have never thought of!

11. Vegan Leather Jackets

Leather Jacket For Men

Vegan Leather Jackets bring a royal touch to the overall outfits, your man of gratitude is the one who loves to look extraordinary in those. Why vegan? It is cruelty free, guilt-free and that's what matters on thanksgiving, isn't it. so choose one and surprise him. As an add on you can also pick a cowboy hat, if that suits his persona, to surprise him.

12. Beanies

Beanies For Men

A man can never have too many beanies - remember that always. So picking up one or two beanies, in some shades that he loves, will immediately turn your gift into his top pick. Ensure that, if the gentleman lives in a snowy region then the beanie must be somewhat water-resistant against a sudden downpour, slush or snow.

Never overdo or overload anything when you pick thanksgiving clothing gifts for men; just be subtle, unique yet very thoughtful of his choices and likings. Always remember, there is no substitute to being grateful in person, so unless you are oceans apart, ensure that you present the thanksgiving gifts for men in person with a warm hug or even if virtual, then a video call is a must when he unwraps! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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