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Article: How To Style Hoodie? - 10 Easy Styling Tips For Men

How to style hoodie for men

How To Style Hoodie? - 10 Easy Styling Tips For Men

Winter is the season for layering and exploring new fashion trends. Hoodies are a popular choice for many people to stay warm and escape the cold. Hoodies are adaptable and may be worn for a variety of occasions, whether within the home or outside in the evening. When you have nothing to wear, a decent hoodie will provide you with a lot of options. So, how to wear a hoodie? It is safe to say that hoodies can be worn in many ways that will help you rock the winter with style.

10 Hoodie Outfits For Men To This Winter

When it comes to winter fashion for men, hoodies rule. It is a piece that every man's wardrobe must have. You can wear it to a casual weekend event if you match it with the other pieces. Some hoodies have front or side pockets where you can put your hands to keep them warm.

Choose it in subtle hues to layer under over shirts or grab a printed version to make a statement all by itself. If you're unsure about how to wear a hoodie, take into account the following recommendations:-

1. Bomber Jacket with Hoodie

Bomber Jacket With Hoodie

 A bomber jacket with hoodie will undoubtedly become your go-to outfit. It is both warm and fashionable. Stay warm all day long by wearing a high-quality jacket over your hoodie. It's fantastic to visit the grocery shop or to spend time having coffee with pals. It is timeless, and you can never go wrong with it. For those who don't want to experiment with clothing much, it is a safe choice. Grey, black, and brown are excellent neutral colors for hoodies to style with bomber jackets.

2. Denim Jacket with Hoodie

Denim Jacket With Hoodie

This one is for fashion risk-takers. You may ditch the bomber jacket and add a denim jacket over your hoodie. This winter, you can pull off the cool and casual urban look with this. For an awesome look, wear it with your go-to pair of jeans and sneakers. When worn with a denim jacket, neutral-colored hoodies might work well because the jacket itself can be a statement. 

3. Leather Jacket with Hoodie

 Leather Jacket With Hoodie

If you want to spice up your basic look, add a leather jacket over your hoodie. A leather biker jacket will give you an edgy look while keeping you warm. It is great for evening occasions when paired with jeans and shoes. A black leather jacket can be paired with different hoodies for a rocker aesthetic. For goth aesthetics also this can be a good choice.

4. Shearling Jacket with Hoodie

Shearling Jacket With Hoodie

How to style a hoodie when it is too cold? The answer is shearling jackets. These jackets are famous for keeping you warm. Both articles are thick and it is important to find the balance while combining the two. You can pair it with boots to get a sleek look and for utmost warmth.

5. Hoodie With Ripped Jeans

Hoodie With Ripped Jeans

How to wear a hoodie with jeans and look stylish? You can pair your hoodie with a pair of ripped jeans when the weather is not too cold. This is stylish and will take your outfit up a notch. It is a modern urban outfit that is not too basic. Add a hat as an accessory to elevate it more. You can opt for bright colors in hoodies here and make a statement.

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6. Hoodie With Trench Coats

Trench Coat With Hoodie

 If you are looking for a polished look with a hoodie, layer a trench coat over it. These coats are known for their sophistication and refined quality. It can alter your game of fashion significantly. If you are someone who prefers a clean look over urban, hoodies with trench coats are your savior. It is better with loose-fitted pants and boots for a date in the evening.

 7. Hoodie With Track Pants/Gym Clothes

Hoodie With Track Pants

How to style a hoodie for comfort? Simply pair it with track pants or gym clothes. It is best for staying inside, going to the nearby store, and taking your dog for a walk. You can wear your hoodie with gym clothes whether you go to the gym or stay at the house. 

8. Hoodie With Formal Blazer

Your formal blazer can be worn for a laid-back day out if you pair it with a hoodie. The balance between formal and casual can be achieved with this style. For an ideal look, wear it with a pair of jeans or a pair of trousers. You might use imaginative color combinations or match the hue of your hoodie to one of your formal blazers.

 9. Hoodie With Shorts

Hoodie With Shorts

Wear your hoodie with different shorts if the weather is not shiver-inducingly chilly. For an easy cool look, pair it with socks and sneakers. Color blocking is a fantastic way to add some extra spice. To keep things casual, you can choose more muted colors. In terms of comfort and style, it is a perfect 10.

10. Hoodie With Flannel Shirt

Hoodie With Flannel Shirt

Flannel shirts are great for winter. It is a classic that every man’s wardrobe should have. Putting a hoodie underneath is a great way to style it. However, you need to be careful about the color of the hoodie as flannels already have patterns and multiple hues. A solid-colored hoodie is safe to style with a flannel shirt.

Tips to Consider While Buying Hoodies

There are lots of options available for hoodies. However, you would want to purchase one that works best for you every single time. There are a few things to take into consideration while buying a hoodie.

1. Quality  

A hoodie is an investment. So, before you buy anything, examine the quality. When the chilly weather arrives, a high-quality hoodie might become your best buddy. Get a hoodie that will give you the most warmth and comfort possible.

2. Make Outfit Combinations Properly 

Plan your clothes before purchasing a hoodie. You would want a hoodie that will match other items of clothing in your closet. Consider your needs when purchasing a hoodie because it should give you the possibility to create various ensembles.

3. Consider the Color  

Hoodies come in a variety of colors and tones. Invest in a color that can be styled the most and is the most adaptable. Ideal color combinations for the majority of clothing include neutral colors. Consider your needs and select the color accordingly.

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