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Article: How To Style Chelsea Boots For Men? - 6 Outfit Ideas

How to style Chelsea boots for men

How To Style Chelsea Boots For Men? - 6 Outfit Ideas

Chelsea boots are known for their ankle height & elastic side panels. These boots are a stylish, low maintenance winter go to which you can pair with plenty of outfits & come up with an endless number of Chelsea boots outfit ideas. The biggest advantage of these boots is their versatility & the fact that regardless of your age or style preferences, you’ll look fashionable in these boots. Keep reading to cover more about Chelsea boots outfits, features & best material.

How To Wear Chelsea Boots For Men? 

Shoes are something which has the power to spruce up your outfit or wreck havoc to your outfit as well. If you’re wondering about the magic of Chelsea boots, they can totally change your point of view. This blog brings you the best advice on men's guide to wearing Chelsea boots. 

1) Chelsea Boots with Jeans

Chelsea Boots With Jeans

The groundwork of any good all purpose autumn/winter outfit is best compiled using two key components: a comfortable pair of boots & a good fitting pair of jeans. Here are the fundamentals for the best kind of jeans to wear with Chelsea boots. 

It is important to ensure that the fit of your jeans compliments the size of your boots or vice versa. Straight fit or slim leg is usually a safe bet.

It's best to avoid colors which match too closely unless it is black over black. The best way to wear Chelsea boots is top air it with jeans which are dark & raw. Wearing black jeans, a black T-shirt along with a denim jacket will act as a color popper. Or keep is as simple as pairing a light color T-shirt with dark denims & shoes.

2) Chelsea Boots with Chinos

Chelsea Boots with Chinos


If you’re in doubt about which outfits to wear your Chelsea boots with, I would highly recommend you try going for a pair of chinos.

A pair of Chinos is the perfect balance for your outfits to wear with Chelsea boots as it looks more dressy than jeans but less formal than a suit. It is best to always opt for a pair of slim cut chinos in colors like beige, navy or khaki & pair it with a casual shirt.

3) Chelsea Boots with Suits

Chelsea Boots with Suits

Chelsea boots are the most formal boots, which is why they can be paired with a suit of any color. Keep in mind that although they are  dressy, they aren’t formal enough to be worn with a tuxedo. When you pair Chelsea boots with suits you must keep in mind that a slim cut & good fit is the key component. Irrespective of whether you're going on a date or business meeting, this outfit is one of the best outfits to wear with Chelsea boots. 

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4) Chelsea Boots with Winter Coats

Chelsea Boots with Winter Coats

Chelsea boots are perfect for the winter as they add an extra layer of warmth to your outfit & protect your feet from the dampness. A best type of winter coats & Chelsea boots outfit is a fabulous combination to ace up your winter wardrobe. French crown has a great collection of men's jackets & overcoats which you can use to pair with your Chelsea boots.

5) Chelsea Boots with Leather Jacket

Chelsea Boots with Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is a menswear classic that, if chosen well & cared for, can last a lifetime. It is as versatile as your Chelsea boots & can be dressed up or down with ease. One of the best ways to wear Chelsea boots is by pairing it with a pair of black Chelsea boots & a leather jacket. You can add a turtleneck  or a elite shirt to this combination & it surely won’t let you down. 

6) Chelsea Boots with Long Overcoats

Chelsea Boots with Long Overcoats

Combining a long overcoat with your Chelsea boots can be a tricky purchase. This outfit can make you look as though you’ve just attended a funeral if you land up in all black. For a combination you can put on a turtleneck along with a pair of cropped trousers. 

How To Wear Chelsea Boots For Different Occasions?

Chelsea boots are popular for their comfort, versatility & durability. The low heels on Chelsea boots increase their adaptability for formal & casual occasions. Although Chelsea boots can be worn most of the time, keep in mind that the breathability is low & May heat your feet up in the warmer months. Here is a men's guide to wearing Chelsea boots for different occasions.

1) Business Casual 

If you’re one of those people who think that Chelsea boots are only for the after hours, think again. These boots are highly versatile & can be paired not only with casuals but can also be worn as a business casual. The key to any men's guide to wearing Chelsea boots as a business casual is balance. You can choose any leather pair of boots, & pair it with chinos, a blazer & a casual shirt.

2) Smart Casual

Chelsea boot is a great alternative to casual sneakers. Although both leather & suede styles can be used to create a great smart casual combination, the black leather pair is your best option. The best way to wear Chelsea boots as a smart casual is by pairing them with a designer T-shirt or a jumper with slim fit jeans or chinos. Chelsea boots have the ability to add a dressy element to even the most casual outfits. From a pair of black jeans with a black T-shirt to  cargo pants with a flannel shirt are some of the best outfits to wear with Chelsea boots.

3) Formal Look

If you’re looking for a men's guide to wearing Chelsea boots for a formal look, I suggest you style your Chelsea boots with formal outfits for a classy & sophisticated look. Keep in mind that if you’re wearing black dress pants with a suit or any other elegant outfit you can pair it with black leather boots. The tie you wear will fully depend on the outfit you choose. From a dark navy blue suit paired with dark navy leather boots to experimenting with different colored waistcoats, this outfit is sure to make you stand out.

4) Party Look

Sleek & sophisticated, Chelsea boots lend themselves to many many, whether you’re adding a rock & roll flavor to tailoring or a rugged edge to weekend attire. But if you’re wondering which are the best outfits to wear with Chelsea boots to get the perfect party look I would suggest you dress up your Chelsea boots with a pair of skinny jeans, a button down shirt or sweater, a jacket or an over shirt for an elegant touch. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Chelsea Boots

Do you wear socks with Chelsea boots?

Socks are a handy part of one’s wardrobe. They help keep your feet warm in the winter months & absurd all that moisture from your feet in the summer months. If you’re wondering which socks will best go with your boots, I would suggest you try a pair of trouser socks, crew socks, fuzzy socks, winter socks or no socks at all. Go ahead & do what keeps those feet of yours happy. 

Can we wear Chelsea boots casually?

Yes, most definitely. Go ahead & use your Chelsea boots as a casual alternative for those of you who are bored of wearing sneakers. You can choose Chelsea boots of any material & pair it with any casual chinos or a pair of jeans. 

You can also wear it with a casual shirt, a T-shirt & throw on a jacket for the perfect men's Chelsea boots outfit. 

Should I cuff my pants with Chelsea boots? 

As discussed earlier, Chelsea boots are close fitted, ankle length boots with an elastic side panel. They’re one of the most versatile pairs of shoes on the planet. If you're confused whether or not you should cuff your pants with your Chelsea boots or not, the answer entirely depends on the type of pants you're wearing. In most cases, for Chelsea boots you generally want a strong double cuff. 

What to avoid while choosing an outfit with Chelsea boots?

The highly versatile Chelsea boot is a necessity for every man’s wardrobe but before you go about & spend a decent amount of money on a pair of Chelsea boots I would suggest you go through a few things to know which is the best way to wear Chelsea boots with any outfit or while choosing men's Chelsea boots outfits. 

  1. Your pants legs should always sit over the boot top & not covet or go below it. 
  2. Avoid wearing colored boots which don’t match your attire.
  3. Never wear an Ill fitting pair of boots.
  4. Avoid boots with zippers instead of elastic sides 
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