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Article: 10 Interview Outfits For Men To Make Your Best First Impression

Formal interview Outfits For Men

10 Interview Outfits For Men To Make Your Best First Impression

Are any of your friends seeking your help with formal attire ideas for any upcoming interview? Show your support by presenting your buddy with a classic interview outfit for men. The selection of a tie and jacket combo can be difficult to handle. Find the right directions to choose the best outfit for formal occasions here. Check out these formal attire ideas for an impressive makeover.

10 Interview Outfits For Men 

The first impression is said to be the last impression. Along with skills, dressing up in style also helps in securing a job position. To coordinate what should a man wear to an interview, here is a list of 10 different interview attire:

1. Button-Down Shirts With Dark Trousers

Formal Shirt and Pants For Men

Want to make an impression but hesitant to dress up in nines at the interview? Then, go ahead with this casual interview attire for men. Grab one of the neutral-colored button-down shirts and match it up with dark trousers. You can also put a tie on as per your look. White button-downs and grey/black trousers work best for the occasion.

2. Tweed Blazer With Plain Shirt

Tweed Blazer with Plain Shirt

This is the perfect answer for what to wear to an interview for men. Let’s go old school in a modern look by adding a tweed blazer to your button-down shirt & trousers. Choose a shirt that is plain and crisply pressed. You can select a light brown jacket or a grey one as they both go well with dark trousers. 

3. Light-Colored Single-Breasted Suit

Formal Single Breasted Suit For Men

Not aware of the dress code of the interview? Then, try something that is a perfect combination between formal and casual. Prepare a light-colored single-breasted suit with a plain tie. You can go ahead with dress pants of the same color for a perfect look. This works as a great interview attire for men giving them a balanced look.

4. Formal Plain Solid Shirt

Formal Plain Solid Shirt For Men

Simplicity is the right definition of class nowadays. If you don’t want to go over the top with your interview outfit, then wear a plain shirt and dress pants. You can go ahead with an oxford shirt or a white checkered one with light blue stripes. This is a classic example of office wear and suits every body structure.

5. Formal Chinos

Bringing a modern twist to the same old formal look in the interview outfit for men, formal chinos are a great creation. They are wonderful for both formal and casual occasions. So, you would be able to attend the interview and then join your friends for a drink on the same day. These lightweight pants go nicely with both button-down and solid shirts.

6. Polo T-Shirt

Among the many casual interview attire, polo t-shirts are the finest choice. They are great for warmer days and go very well with khakis. So, for the job interviews with a casual dress code, you can confidently wear this smart casual attire for the interview.

7. Printed Ties

Printed Ties For Formal Interview

The epitome of a formal look, printed ties are a great option for many occasions. The patterns highlight the colors of the outfit, making several features shine. You can choose either a checkered tie or a striped one for a good impression. So, when you are wondering what to wear to an interview, make sure to add a printed tie to the list.

8. Belts

This category may seem mundane to many but choosing the right belt for formal interview attire is extremely important. Since you have to tuck your shirt beneath your pants, going without a belt would be unwise. For light-colored shirts, black or leather brown belts work best.

9. Oxford Shoes 

Oxford Shoes To Wear in Interview

You have a large number of choices for shoes to wear to an interview. Go ahead with a classic oxford shoe in black to give off a quick-witted impression. You can also select heeled shoes to bring more confidence to your walk.

10. Watches

Watches For Formal Interview

Never make the mistake of going to an interview without wearing a watch. Choose the one that looks pristine and not too bold. The more masculine the dial of the watch, the better. It will give you a complete formal touch going perfectly well with your interview attire.

What Things To Consider Before Choosing Outfit For An Interview?

  • Make sure you are groomed well. Either clean shave before the interview or trim closely to remove any unruly growth.
  • Carry a nice-looking fountain pen in your attire’s breast pocket. Through this, you won’t have to search for a pen to sign papers.
  • Nicely press the interview outfits and keep your shoes clean and shiny.

Some additional pointers that should be considered as well are:

1. Make Sure to Research About Company’s Culture

It’s a known fact that you should do your homework before the interview date. Check the organization's theme and the culture they believe in. This will allow you to get a closer idea of the company’s future goals and mindset. Knowing these factors will be extremely beneficial for sustaining a good position.

2. Keep Your Outfit Simple

Do not wear an exaggerated outfit that unnecessarily makes you the black sheep among the candidates. Remember that simplicity is the true gem. So, keep it simple and go with light-colored outfits.

3. Select Appropriate Color Combinations

There are many examples of the right color combinations of shirts and chinos that are a good interview outfit choice. Like the white & black or the white & grey combinations. Choosing colors like light blue or navy blue are also a great option.

4. Choose Accessories Carefully

There are not many accessories that are a part of the formal interview attire. But, the ones like a tie, belt, and watch should be worn carefully. Match everything perfectly by choosing the ones that suit you the best.

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