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Article: 10 Types of Men's Shirt Collars - A Styling Guide

10 Men's Shirts Collar Types For Men

10 Types of Men's Shirt Collars - A Styling Guide

Among the most distinguishing features of every shirt is the collar that is used to convey your particular style and give your clothing a distinct appearance. A shirt collar type makes it stand out in the crowd, giving a man a special and different look.

However, not many people are aware of the significance of a collar and wonder,  "How do collars matter?.” Once you start exploring the intricacies of traditional menswear, you'll discover a remarkable range of various collar options, and you'll most likely want to explore them.

The collar frames the neck area of the body and sometimes plays an important role in deciding if the shirt is best suitable for formal or casual wear. By choosing the right kind of collared shirt, one can make his outfit shine. So, here is the guide to help you get started.

10 Types Of Shirts Collar For Men

 Are you wondering how to tell the difference between different styles of collar shirts? Here's a quick rundown of the 10 distinct men's shirt collar styles to consider for various occasions:

1. Spread Collar

Spread Collar Shirts For Men

With a wide distance of around 4 to 6 inches between both the collar leaves, the Spread Collar is one of the most popular and commonly found shirt collar types. Suitable to be worn in both formal as well as informal events, they go perfectly well with a large tie knot to properly cover the collar distance. They are known to be one of the most versatile collars found in various kinds of brands.

2. Mandarin/Band Collar

Mandarin Collar Shirt For Men

Mandarin Collar is named as such because of its origin in Chinese culture. Their likeness to ‘grand dad shirts’ and eye-catching feature makes them one of the most popular informal options. A casual shirt collar type without collar leaves, Mandarin shirts is a kind of band collar that gives the wearer a laid back yet smart look.

3. Button-Down Collar

Button-Down Collar Shirts

With little buttons on the collar leaves secured with the shirt, they give the wearer a relaxed and elegant look, both at the same time. The button-down collar is considered less formal when compared to some other collar types since it has a sportier vibe.

Although, with current relaxed style trends, a button-down collar shirt could effortlessly be paired with a coat and trousers or a suit for a more polished image.

 4. Cuban Collar

Cuban Collar Shirts

Among the different types of collar shirts, Cuban collar shirts are one of the most popular styles. They are also known as Revere collar shirts. Cuban collared shirts do not have any exact structure and come in a variety of designs and patterns. These are best worn with a button open for an easy-breezy style. Cuban collared shirts are usually found in casual styles that offer the wearer a relaxed and pleasant vibe.

5. Cutaway Collar

Cutaway Collar Shirt

This shirt collar type has a unique and modern feel to it. An extreme version of the spread collar, Cutaway Collar justifies its name by being cut away almost horizontally. They are suitable for dressy events such as ballroom parties or any special dressy event. They can be worn with and without a tie, both the look gives a completely different effect to the wearer. With this collar type shirt, you can make combination with formal chinos or casual jeans which makes your overall outfit dashing.

6. Hoodie Collar

Hoodie Collar Shirts

Hoodie Collar is a raised collar style that provides coverage to the whole neckline and has an extension covering the head of the wearer. This shirt collar type comes in hoodies and is suitable to be worn at casual events as well as during workouts, and cold days. The hoodie collar has a casual street style vibe to it and is best styled with denim and sneakers.

7Club Collar

Very popular among the men’s shirt collar types, Club Collar is also known as Eton Collar. It has a rounded collar leaf end instead of a pointed one and gives the wearer a vintage appearance making them stand out from the crowd. It can be worn with or without a tie on any type of shirt and looks perfectly regal at formal events.

8. Point Collar

 It is considered to be one of the most popular dress shirt collar types. Point Collar is especially preferred by professional men looking for something formal for office hours. With pointed ends and collar leaves nearby, they look absolutely stunning with a long tie. They go well with jackets as the lapels do not hide the collar points, giving men a perfect formal appearance.

 9. Square Collar

 A popular kind of men’s shirt collar type during the twentieth century, Square Collar is not easily found in present times. Named as such because of the squared-off shape of the collar leaves, they are small in size and have minimal distance in between. They are not suitable to be worn with a tie and are suitable for casual events.

10. Spear Collar

Spear Collar Style Shirt

 The spear collar is said to be an extended version of the Point Collar. It has long collar ends, giving a unique presence to the wearer. For people looking for a vintage appeal, they are the best kind of dress shirt collar type. They go very well with jackets and coats, as the lapels cover the elongated points of this collar. They are making a comeback because of the massive craze for retro style.

Points To Consider While Choosing The Right Collar Style

Whether you're heading to a board meeting, a casual function, brunch with friends, or on a date, choose the correct shirt and it's collar type to complete your outfit. Confused? Don't fret, we've compiled a list of factors to help you in making the best decision!

1. Collar Stiffness

Among many other parameters, the stiffness of a collar makes a huge difference. In the previous era, the super stiff collars made from applying starch were a huge part of men’s fashion. However, today the stiffer the collar is, the more suitable it is for a formal occasion. A casual shirt collar type should have a more soft and easygoing vibe.

 2. Collar Height

Shirt Collar Height

Collar height refers to how high a collar rests on your neck, determined from the fold to the tip. Collars with a higher height are both more formal and intimidating. Consider the impact of collar height while selecting a shirt for the office.

 3. Collar Size

 A collar size helps in deciding which kind of men’s shirt collar type will suit your body structure. For people with round faces or large features, large collar sizes are a better option as they will help in balancing the complete outfit. Always look for the size and shape of your facial features before making a collar size choice.

Pro tip: If you are still confused, go for moderate-sized collars for any of your formal occasions.

4. Collar Spread Points

 The distance between the collar points is measured as the spread of the collar. The more spread between the collar, the more eloquent and sharp it looks. For a long tie with thick lapels, wide-spread collars are more suitable whereas a point collar is considered to have the best collar spread distance. They go with both formal as well as casual events and look good on people with varying facial features.


While having a conversation, or just looking, people first notice the collar of a man’s shirt. It is that one element that can make or break your outfit. Different types of collars for shirts give out different notes and can make a man look smartly handsome or mildly charming.

Based on the various parameters of facial features and collar types, choose the best kind of collar shirt for your next event and get ready to set the stage on fire with your charisma.

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