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Article: Double-Breasted Suits vs Single-Breasted Suits : Which One is Best For You?

Double-Breasted Suits vs Single-Breasted Suits

Double-Breasted Suits vs Single-Breasted Suits : Which One is Best For You?

The idea of this article isn't to discuss which style is better and why. But to assist you gather the information like - the difference between single breasted and double breasted suit; how to wear single breasted suit; how to wear double breasted suit...and much more.

There will obviously be a conversation about custom and adaptability and ideally this guide will assist you with observing the style that fits you best.

What is a Double-Breasted Suits? 

Double breasted suit styles are more of a totally formal style. The difference between single breasted and double breasted suit lies in the design. The name derives from the design wherein there is a wider overlapping front lapel which carries two columns of buttons.

While the first column of the buttons are functional, the second ones just have an ornamental value. The buttons are usually either two or three on either side, making a pack of 4 to 6 overall.

How to Wear Double-Breasted Suits? 

The best way to wear the double breasted suit styles is to be worn always with closed buttons. These are worn at formal events or work meetings, and to some extent even as a date night outfit at a high profile place.

When it is a tuxedo, the double-breasted tux is your ideal wedding attire for men too! Go for a matching tie and Oxfords, Brogues or Two Tones in deep colors, and you are elegance personified. 

Best Double-Breasted Suits Styles For Men

These days men tend to wear the double breasted suits in various styles, but the four below remain all time trending and in vogue. Let's check them out.

1. Bright White Double-Breasted Suit

Bright White Double-Breasted Suit

A white double-breasted suit though might sound a tricky piece of attire, but it is extremely versatile as you can wear a rainbow of light suit color combination under the same as shirts. But remember to maintain the white of the white always; you will need a great dry cleaner to do the same. 


2. Gray Double-Breasted Suit

 Grey Double Breasted Suit

The Gray double-breasted suit is the ultimate favorite of any and every designer in the world, because it is extremely versatile to accessorize it with various colors, right from shirts to the neck tie to the pocket square and socks with formal shoes too!

3. Black Double-Breasted Suit

Black Double Breasted Suit

A charcoal black double breasted suit is an all-time contemporary yet classic fashion statement, especially if done in premium terry-rayon. In short, we can say that a black double breasted suit seals both ends of the formal suits spectrum; a formal business wardrobe is incomplete without it. Go for matching formal shoes and a repp tie to complete the look.

4. Green Double-Breasted Suit

Green Double-Breasted Suit

The green double breasted suit is such a soothing yet stylish color that will always make you look extraordinary. When in plaids, try matching the shirt and formal shoes with the color alternate to the green in plaids.

What is a Single-Breasted Suit?

These are your normal suits that you would see around at each and every formal or semiformal event or gathering or as work wear. The single breasted vs double breasted suit name comes from the way the buttons are stitched across the chest. The name comes from the design where the column of buttons is single and that takes over a narrow piece of overlapping fabric.

How to Wear Single-Breasted Suits? 

Perfect as a work wear, cocktails' style statement and other special events alike, a single breasted suit is an all time hit with the men's wardrobe. If this is your first buy, then prefer to shop for navy or charcoal options. A suitable collared dress shirt, suits accessories, and dress shoes compliment the attire always, provided you pick the right colors. 

Best Single-Breasted Suits Styles

As per our fashion expert, the following four single-breasted suits styles always make you look extraordinary. But style them up as per our fashion tips given below: 

1. Black Tuxedo Suit

Black Tuxedo Suit

Crafted on the lines of a smoking jacket, this shawl lapel black tuxedo suit  is the zenith of appropriate formal wear, whether at a black tie event or for your own wedding. A black tie in the same fabric, black shoes and a white dress shirt/or that in any other light color, always makes a style statement that is apart from the crowd. 

2. Pink Linen Suit

Pink Line Suit

In this section, the Pink suit for men stands out as a subtle yet strong fashion statement for men who have the courage to be outstanding  leaders. Don a black shirt and loafers for a dapper look, or can even attempt other darker colors, but keep the shoes matching the shirt to help the PINK make an impact.

3. Brown Wool Suit

Brown Wool Suit

Among the single breasted vs double breasted suit, this wool rich brown suit, is like a fresh breeze in a parched land. Why? Because when paired with a black shirt and Oxfords/Brogues and teamed up with a matching pocket square, it creates a look like no other. Plus, it gives you the ease to slip off from a formal meeting to a semi-formal evening. 

4. Gray Wool Suit

Grey Wool Suit


This dashing gray wool suit is again a rich piece of attire that will showcase the style difference between single breasted and double breasted suit, in a louder way than words! A gray suit is anyway a must-have for any and every man with a powerful personality. Remember to pair it up with suitable light colored shirts and matching accessories. 


Hope our expert guide helps you to know how to deck up in various single breasted and double breasted suit styles. And always remember that more than the style, the design or the color - THE FIT IS THE KING, when it comes to suits. 

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