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Article: Tuxedo vs Suit: What Would Be The Best For Your Wedding Day?

Tuxedo vs Suit: What Would Be The Best For Your Wedding Day?

Tuxedo vs Suit: What Would Be The Best For Your Wedding Day?

A plethora of wedding outfits for men and styles in modern times, make it a tough choice for men to decide what to wear on their wedding day. But men who wish to keep it formal are always intrigued by the question - tuxedo or suit for wedding? tuxedo vs suit- what would look better on me? These and more plague the mind especially with the groom when he wants to opt out of ethnic wedding attire.

Our expert guide on tuxedo vs suit as wedding attire for men will help you spot not just what's the difference between a tuxedo and a suit, but which one to choose as per your style.

Tuxedo vs Suit: What Are the Main Differences?

The meaning of a tuxedo has changed over the years, yet even the most recent tux has qualities that put it aside from a suit.

1. Tuxedos Have Elements of Satin

Tuxedo vs Suit

What's the difference between a tuxedo and a suit? The actual difference between tuxedo and suit is that the tuxedos have glossy satin elements -like lapels, buttons, sides or even just a stripe down the trouser leg. Suits do not have satin details.

2. Price Variation

A three-piece tuxedo suit is always twice or at least two-thirds times costlier than a two-piece formal suit. Plus accessorizing the same will also need you to spend a handsome amount because there are typical shoes and other accessories that go with tuxedos but not with suits. But since a wedding is a once in a lifetime event, we suggest the investment if you can pull on a three-piece better than a suit.

3. Type of Occasions

Type of Wedding Ocassions

Tuxedo or suit for wedding depends also on the occasion. Tuxedos are ideal for black ties events, bow tie events, cocktails and for that matter even a church wedding. The third main difference between tuxedo and suit - the former is primarily evening attires and mostly comes in black or navy colors only. But suits for men have a wide variety of assortments, styles, prints, colors etc. to choose from.

Confused About Which Suit Color Will Best For You?

Head Over to This Guide: How To Select Perfect Suit Color?

4. Pocket Styles

Pocket Styling of Tuxedos and Suits

There is a wide difference between the pocket styles of tuxedo vs suits. while a suit pocket may or may not have a flat, but the tuxedo pocket will always have satin trim instead of a flap thereby creating a more seamless look. 

5. Button Styling

Button Styling of Tuxedos and Suits

A tuxedo mostly has satin styled buttons. And the three-piece is always single-breasted to flaunt the inner piece. But in the case of suits, buttons can be of any material from metal to plastic to wooden. Suits also can be double breasted suits for men. While tuxedo is usually worn closed buttoned, suits can be both open-buttoned to closed button wear.

Tuxedo or Suit? : What Factors to Consider While Choosing Between Two?

Now that you know the difference between tuxedo and suit, you also know that a Tux is more formal than a suit. So when you are stuck on whether tuxedo or suit for wedding, then follow the tips below:

1. Know the Time of the Wedding

While tuxedo looks great primarily as an evening wedding attire, a suit can be worn both to a day wedding or evening wedding as per the overall plan of the event and family.

2. Theme of Wedding

Theme of the wedding

Both tuxedo and suits are formal wedding wear, if your family is planning a formal wedding, then only go for the same. Also, tuxedos are more formal than suits; so suits are worn even to weddings where there is a mix of traditional and formal attires, but tuxedos look great only at formal or black-tie/white-tie events or church weddings.

3. Use Suitable Accessories

Wedding Suit Accessories

While black ties and bow-ties look great with tuxedos, suits look great with or without a necktie. Black or tan formal shoes are paired with tuxedos, but these days people love to experiment with shades of olives, maroon, black, brown, navy etc. with their suits. A pocket square for the breast pocket always enhances the looks and so do cufflinks.

4. Contrast with the Overall Outfit

In simple words this means while choosing a tuxedo you must remember that only shades of white are worn inside a tuxedo, on the other hand, suits can be paired with various colors, textures, prints as per the color of the suits/checks on the suit. The same applies to the accessories, where tuxedo has limited options for colors, primarily being black, white or navy at the stretch.

5. Ask Your Partner’s Opinion

Partner's opinion on wearing suit or tuxedos

What your better half wears, should be in tune with what you wear. Like a tuxedo will be a bad choice if she is wearing a wedding dress. Also, she will style you better than any other human, as she would want you to look the best and will have a better idea of what would look better on you vis-à-vis tuxedo vs suit.

6. Personal Preferences

Your own comfort and style are primary - wear the one that makes you feel confident, comfortable and happy from your inner core. After it is your big day, go by what your heart tells you. Take as many trials before you make a final purchase.

Still not sure what would be the best - tuxedo vs suit? Then you can always take a look at our article - 'A Complete Guide to Wedding Attire for Men' for more ideas and thank us later! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a suit or tuxedo more formal?

Whether tuxedo or suit for wedding, remember the former or more formal. So plan the attire as per the overall theme of the day.

Which suit is the best to wear at the wedding?

The best suit to wear at the wedding is a very relative term. This depends on the time of the wedding, the season as well as your personal style. Pick the color as per the season to look outstanding.

Can I wear a tie with a tuxedo?

A slim satin or grosgrain silk necktie or bow ties is ideal for a tuxedo.

Does black tie mean tuxedo?

Not necessarily unless the invite mentions a black-tie event. A black-tie can be worn both with suits and tuxedos, depending on the color of the suit and its shirt.

Should I wear a tie to a wedding?

As per the season or invite you can decide on the same. A neck-tie may make you feel uncomfortable in summers, but it will be necessary if you opt for a tuxedo.

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